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Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

Tim enters and greets everyone. He wants to talk about their stuff, starting with Jillian. There's a sweater in her collection that he finds "incongruous." He thinks a different customer would wear it than would wear the rest of her collection. I'm not sure I agree with him right there. It may not be a completely linear through-line, but I can see how that piece could be worn with the others by the same person -- SAVE IT FOR THE RUNWAY SHOW, JEFF. Tim tells her to have fun and experiment. Jillian have fun? Have you met her, Tim? Jillian interviews that she doesn't really have a resolution regarding Tim's suggestion about the sweater look. She says she is going to trust her initial instinct and let the look "sing with the rest of the chorus." I'm imagining the gospel breakdown in "Like A Prayer" right now.

Tim moves to Rami who explains that he stepped back, per Tim's suggestion, and softened the look of some of his pieces. He says it was hard for him because he had worked on the pieces for a long time. It's interesting to me that this season of designers, arguably or maybe just absolutely the most talented in the show's history, will say things like Rami just said. It demystifies the notion of designing and creating a garment. Sometimes, upon getting some critique from Tim that would require they retool a piece, designers make it sound like their muse is holding them hostage. Instead, maybe it's as simple as, "I spent a lot of time on it and didn't want to throw my work away." Or even more likely, "I only know how to do what I did -- not what you're telling me." Rami's a talented guy, though, and can accept criticism and put it into action. He doesn't need to posture. In fact, he says he is happy with the results of the changes that he made. They keep showing the other designers stealing little peeks of each other's collections. It makes them all look really nervous. This ratcheting up of the tension works for me. In all likelihood, they are instead looking at a TV showing Ellen or at a lighting guy from production who just burped. I like it though.

Tim compliments a piece from Rami's collection and he explains that it was made with 1930s antique lace. It looks lovely, but I wonder if that helps your collection. I don't mean that rhetorically. Maybe for a couture piece, it doesn't really matter if you can't make another one, but the production of duplicates of that dress is obviously not sustainable. Or maybe there are warehouses of antique lace that I'm not aware of, which could very well be the case. In any event, Tim likes it. He calls it a "knockout" which Rami interviews makes him feel very confident.

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