Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

Nina thought Christian's show delivered strongly from the very first look. Posh goes on about how stylish and fresh and major it was. Michael says it's not for everyone. Nina thinks his stuff can be over designed. Michael says that Rami is cerebral and it shows. Posh loved his "attention to detail." They've made their decision. The designers return. Commercials!

With 43% of the votes, Christian is the favorite of Bravo texters. We're back on the runway. Heidi repeats that they all put on great shows. Christian looks like he's about to shit himself. Jillian is out. No! Not to me, you're not! She thanks everyone for the experience and hugs Rami and Christian. She interviews that she was very disappointed. Good for her for being disappointed! I hate it when people are all, "I showed at Bryant Park! That's the most important thing." Winning is the most important thing, and if you don't believe that then you were nevah gonna win, Blanche!

It's Christian and Rami now, just the two of them. Christian is seriously losing it. His lip starts shaking. It's really kind of heartbreaking. He wants this so bad. It's not about validation or attention right now-- it's just this kid with a freaking iron will who wants to win SO BAD. It's kind of amazing, also, for its lack of entitlement. He just wants it, and he's done what it takes to win, and he's letting himself want the shit out of this in this moment. I hate to say that life makes a fun target of people who want so openly, so I won't. Because Christian just won. Dude loses it too. Wow, he's really in this moment. Rami is such an amazing sport and immediately gives Christian a really big hug, which he needs. Then, Heidi apologizes and he leaves. She could have apologized to Jillian. Rami interviews that the show has done a lot for him and we haven't heard the last of him. I wish he'd been a sad sack like Jillian.

Heidi hugs Christian and tells him that he's "uber-fierce." Never again, people. That word. I can't. Christian interviews that it's crazy that he won. Posh tells Christian that she would love to wear his clothes. Lisa comes onstage and fake cries to Christian, and suddenly I hate her. She's really showy and says how talented Christian is, and it's gross. Christian's family joins him onstage. He interviews, "Hello, did you have a doubt? Come on. What up?" Christian says that he's taking a vacation, but we are all going to see more of the "fierceness." Well, I do believe we are going to see a lot of Christian in years to come, but I'm really hoping that it's silent viewing. No talky.

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