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Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

The models return to the stage now. Jillian explains that she used the painting from the Metropolitan Museum challenge as her inspiration. She emphasizes that it was just a jumping-off point. Posh says she likes Jillian's attention to detail, Chim Chim Cheree. She sounds like a chimney sweep, no? Michael thought that Jillian's work was feminine and modern. And, he liked her knits. Heidi says they saw a lot of new shapes from her in her collection. Jillian says that she tried to be innovative and Heidi says that she was. Nina ends the party though. She says that it looked like maybe Jillian had too many inspirations and the collection was a little disjointed. It lost the "essence of Jillian."

Christian says that he was shooting for a "hard and soft" effect. He stumbles over his words and Heidi asks what's wrong with him. He's nervous! Heidi expects him to be...just ten minutes and maybe you'll never have to hear that word again. Michael relates to Christian's nerves and says "it's like jumping off a cliff." Posh says that Christian's stuff is very much her style and that she found it "major." I'm going to seriously puke. Michael says that Christian is dramatic, but it's also chic. He thought the dress at the end of his show was "spectacular." He wonders about all of the black though. You lose some of the work. Nina thinks that maybe Christian is a bit heavy handed. Posh says that the collection may have been monotonous but it was so much her style that she loved it all. He made her smile (I want to die) and she's not easy to make smile (kill me). She and Christian share a moment and are in love.

Rami says that Joan of Arc inspired him. Heidi says that she loved the collection, especially the woven work. Michael liked the woven pieces, but didn't like some of Rami's Brady Bunch colors. Posh thought the collection was lovely. Nina thinks that Rami has a great strong point-of-view. She thinks that, though he showed a lot of separates, his strength is in evening wear.

The designers leave. Michael brings up Jillian's knitwear again. Posh thought there were some nice silhouettes. Nina thinks that Jillian doesn't know what her signature is -- which, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to break this down for a minute. Here's the thing -- when you look at Christian's work, you think, "Wow, a really talented designer made this stuff." When you look at Jillian's work, you think, "I totally see the woman who wears these clothes." They just seem so specific to me, which I think is awesome. They're urban, smart, feminine. I want to be friends with the girl who wears Jillian Lewis. Granted, maybe I have a little help visualizing that because Jillian is also one of the women who would wear those clothes, but I think it's more than that. You see how they would fit into a certain woman's life. With Christian's collection, I think of women at Bergdorf's who are like, "What an amazing giant blouse with a crazy muzzle/neckpiece. This is so beautiful. I'm getting it." Then, they get home and are like, "When the fuck am I ever going to wear this? Damn you pretty flow-y things!"

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