Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

Christian gets applause for the next look. It's a skinny black pant and a fitted black blouse with a voluminous flowing black jacket. It's made of layers and layers of flowing fabric and is really dramatic and gorgeous. I have to say, too, all of the skinny pants fit real nice.

There's more applause for the next look. It's a skinny black pant with a fitted black jacket and an off-white neckpiece that is made of many layers of white organza or something similar. It's topped with a very wide-brimmed hat. It's perfect for the girl who wants to disguise herself. No one will see your face in this. Again, though, very dramatic and, if not wearable, beautiful. Here's an off-white fitted blouse! Lots of pleating detail and it has a seam at the center, which is interesting. It's paired with loose black slacks. He was really mixing it up there.

Next is a short red with short sleeves that is belted at the waist. Under the tunic, off-white organza sleeves come forth. Looks great. Here's a soft pink slack and an incredibly full, ruffled blouse. Looks a little bit like the pirate shirt on Seinfeld, but different strokes.

More applause for the next look, which is AMAZING. It's a sleeveless, fitted dress in many, many vertical panels of organza. The color palette is off-white to brown and the colors fade gradually across the panels. This dress is freaking ridiculous. It's belted at the waist. Looks terrific. Finally, we have a long-sleeved high-necked evening gown. It's covered in feathers and has the same palette as the previous look. The crowd seems really impressed. It looks great, but I think it must look even more impressive in person. Christian and the models return to stage. Christian does a sassy little pose at the end of the runway, which is so completely unlike him.

From the peanut gallery: Jay McCarroll says that Rami is going to win. Kit Scabo No Longer Pistol likes Jillian. Kevin Christiana liked Christian. Padma Lakshmi likes Jillian. Nick Verreos is a Rami fan and loves the woven pieces that we saw.

Phew -- that was intense. Back at Parsons, before the designers join them, Nina and Michael say that the three finalists could have fit in with any one else showing at Fashion Week -- they were that good! So, they bring out the designers.

Heidi says that she was blown away. We are reminded of the numerous prizes that the winning designer will receive- the money, the car, the agent, the Heidi introduces Nina, Michael, and "pop and style icon" Victoria Beckham. She has her own line, dvb by Victoria Beckham. I wonder how Posh feels about Heidi essentially calling her man a sissy. She congratulates all of the models.

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