Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part I

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Season 4 Finale, Part I
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Previously: The designers created art-inspired designs. Christian and Jillian were passed through to Fashion Week, while Sweet P was sent home. Chris and Rami were sent home to create collections for Bryan Park, though only one of them will be chosen to compete in the end.

The designers are at the runway, having freshly shed Sweet P. Heidi enters, holding the button bag, and tells the designers that their next challenge is to create twelve looks for Fashion Week. AND they have to create a collection for Fashion Week? That is some crazy rigor we are discussing. They are going to get $8000 and five months to complete their looks. Heidi reminds us that Christian and Jillian are guaranteed spots at Fashion Week, but Chris and Rami are competing to fill the other spot. The outcome will be based on the three strongest looks from their collections.

Heidi introduces "familiar face" Tim Gunn. He gets a round of applause and remarks that it is unusual for him to be on the runway. Not in my dreams, Mssr. Gunn. He tells the designers that he will be visiting them at their homes to check on their progress on their collections. I would totally make my mom's mac and cheese for Tim Gunn if he came to my house. He would never leave. He reminds the designers that, at Fashion Week, they will be showing to the largest and most influential audience in fashion. That is if they show at Fashion Week.

Heidi suggests that they celebrate with a toast on the rooftop of the New Gotham apartments. Then, Heidi and Tim leave in one direction while the designers leave in another. Heidi doesn't do little people. On the rooftop, Tim plugs Moet & Chandon as they pour the bubbly. Jesus, they don't give the man a break, do they? He's like that loudly dressed guy on The Price Is Right. Tim and Heidi toast the designers and their new collections. Christian interviews that he is very excited about Fashion Week. Then we see him doing his best Riff from West Side Story. He continues, "How 'bout that? Don't play games. And I'm 21 years old. That's fierce." I feel like that little poem holds everything wonderful and horrible and correct about Christian. It just does. I shan't try to explain. Christian leads the designers on a catwalk strut across the roof. Where's a pigeon with an upset tummy when you need one?

We see Jillian packing and of course everything looks fastidiously folded and in order. She says that she has worked her ass off and all she can see is winning. The boys joke about Rami's suitcase being bigger than Christian. I've seen colostomy bags bigger than Christian so I'm not catching the relevance of the joke, but we all have to try to relate to each other in whatever way we can. Christian struts away from the apartment (presumably to his apartment...across town. He's a New Yorker, yes?), saying, "Goodbye. I love you. Love your hair." Rami said that he thought the roller coaster was over, but there is still another loop. Very appropriate analogy. Rami says that he is aware that the judges are expecting more drama from him. Chris says that he is going to do the best that he can and will see what happens.

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