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Season 3 Reunion

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Season 3 Reunion
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It's my favorite time of year. The leaves start changing. Nighttime, and its accompanying coziness, arrives faster each day. And another rip-roaring Project Runway reunion takes place. Time again to ponder why I love them so much. Of course, a lot of the appeal is seeing how the show has changed them. There's always the designer who looks like s/he's taking presentation tips from a new publicist or something. There's also the thrill of the transparency of a reunion show structure. They're all sitting in a line-up, and I will see Designer A's reaction to Designer B's comment without any fear of editing tricks diluting the truth of the moment. There's excitement in the chance that one of the designers will hold another accountable for some dastardly moment during the season. And everyone's blown out and made-up for the reunion -- can't hate that. Mostly, though, I enjoy the opportunity to watch these people react to and be changed by what we've all been watching. We've shared the experience -- if not as participants, than as viewers. So, in a way, the reunion is communion. We are one with the designers. And with that ridiculous statement, you've hopefully forgotten that this is the first reunion to take place in the fall. I just really wanted to say something about leaves changing. Admit it, you were moved.

Okay, so Heidi does a quick overview of the season. She reminds us that four designers are going to Fashion Week. She says that we're going to see new footage, and I'm assuming we're seeing a clip of the new stuff as she says this. Vincent is screaming at some guy. No one said it would be unexpected unseen footage. And we see a Mr. Keith Michael walking up some stairs, as if into a reunion of people who don't like him. Oh God, please let that be good. Really.

It begins with Heidi and Tim Gunn sitting in director's chairs and the designers, except the four finalists and Keith Michael, sitting on couches. They're at Parsons. So, unless someone has snuck in a flask (Bonnie, you're our only hope), we're not going to see any embarrassing drunken shenanigans like years prior. That's hugely disappointing.

Heidi welcomes the designers back to Parsons, their "home away from home." She says that everyone is looking good, which segues into her introduction of another good-looking guy, Tim Gunn. Tim robotically announces that they will be looking at highlights from the season as well answering questions sent into Bravo's website. Tim's stilted delivery is comforting to me. It just proves his authenticity during non-scripted moments.

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