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Season 3 Finale, Part II

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Season 3 Finale, Part II
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Previously: The designers created their Fashion Week collections. Back in New York, Laura raised suspicions that Jeffrey had illegally outsourced the construction of some of his collection. She told Tim her worries, and he and the producers audited all of their receipts. If Jeffrey's found guilty, who knows? Broken kneecaps and shit like that lie in his future.

With a day and a half before the Olympus Fashion Week Show, we see an overhead shot of Bryant Park. It looks tent-y. Everyone is in the workroom. Michael is sewing a really ugly leopard-print fabric. I can't tell what the silhouette of the design is, though -- so maybe that will be better.

Jeffrey silently walks out of the workroom, and Uli says that she wishes the whole drama (with Jeffrey) had never started. Laura doesn't feel that way. She recalls that Jeffrey's explanation for the quality of his construction of his garments was that it looked professional because he was a professional. So it doesn't sound like Jeffrey would be the guy to go to for any illuminating evidence about the existence of God.

Uli says that the whole kerfuffle is not just about Jeffrey's alleged wrongdoing, which I assume means that she thinks that Laura and Michael are trying to take Jeffrey down in order to help themselves. Or that they are trying to get him back for all the nasty things he said about everyone during the course of the season. Laura disagrees and says that if Jeffrey did have extra help, it would be like an athlete using steroids. She interviews that, since Jeffrey has a clothing line and people working on that line, he has access to extra help. She thinks he used it.

We see a conversation between Laura and Jeffrey. She says that she simply has a few questions about the pleating and leather work -- it's legal to send them out, but she would like to see receipts for the work. Once those questions are answered, everything will be fine. But Jeffrey says that he's more bothered by the questioning of his integrity. Okay. Maybe lying about sewing and making old ladies cry are not the same things. And maybe you can be a person who worries about his integrity while still being a total dicksmack to everyone. But: no, you can't. He's not worried about his fucking integrity. He's worried about not showing at Bryant Park. Then, though, Laura says that she never questioned his integrity, which is of course also bullshit. But really, why should she worry about questioning his integrity? Going onto national television (basic cable, for sure, but nonetheless... ) and being an asshole for months, whatever true or fictional version of yourself that might be, is already going to raise a few questions about your integrity. It's not much of a leap to add another question to the integrity quiz. Number 19 would be, "Why did you feel the need to denigrate the work of the other three designers in the final four after you'd already secured a show at Bryant Park?" Number 20 is, "Who did your sewing? (Part B) Could we see some receipts, please?"

Anyway, Jeffrey's all, "Yeah you fucking did and that's your problem." And, he walks away. Laura has sort of an "oh well" look on her face and she walks the other way. She looks a little more bothered by Jeffrey's feelings than I think she wants to admit. And frankly, I don't get it. I am a total coward when it comes to most conflicts, but this situation seems fairly cut and dried to me. So, you didn't cheat, Jeffrey? Well, then, you should be fine. As far as the integrity whining, I'd just say that I was just doing it for the cameras -- which would serve the dual purpose of allowing me to question Jeffrey's process, but look like I was just serving the drama of the production. And my little coward cloak would remain un-linty.

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