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Season 3 Finale, Part I

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Season 3 Finale, Part I
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Four designers are going to Fashion Week! All of the designers are sitting by the runway at Parsons for some reason. There's a shot of Uli and Michael sitting beside each other. Heidi enters the runway carrying the lovely black velvet button bag. She reminds us that all four of the designers are going to Olympus Fashion Week. Then she asks them if they are excited. Oddly, they couldn't care less. I'm lying. They are going to have to create twelve looks to complete their collections. They will be using the models they had from the last challenge, which means that Laura has Camilla, Jeffrey has Marilinda, Uli has Nazri, and Michael has busted Clarissa. Heidi reviews the list of rewards that the winner will receive, and it looks like the Saturn Sky Roadster gets the biggest response. Unless, of course, we see them reacting to something different altogether, which could very well be the case. Likewise, maybe this whole universe is just an atom that's a part of a molecule that's a part of, I don't know, a dog or something; and we're all just living in this tiny atom and right next to us there's a whole other universe. But it's all so insignificant, because we're really just part of some dog. Makes you a little crazy to think about, eh? That's how I feel when I start thinking about the editing too much. It's like I'm just a tiny part of a dog and that's not great for my self-image. So, they're thrilled about the Saturn Sky Roadster.

Then Heidi introduces a "very special guest." It's Tim Gunn. I understand that the pomp and circumstance is a refined sort of presentation or whatever, but... sweet Jesus. I'm seriously so over the champagne toasts and very special guests. They're asking a lot of the acting talents of these fashion designers, to diminishing returns. With each champagne toast and very special guest, the "Woo!"s and "Oh my God!"s have gotten a little less rowdy, a little more ironic.

Tim tells the designers that Fashion Week is a big deal, so they need to do work up to the quality he and the judges know that they can offer. Heidi adds that they shouldn't be safe. "Amaze us." Why am I so irritated by this whole runway moment? Anyway, she tells them to pack their bags. She will see them again in two months. Then she and Tim walk backstage arm in arm. She brought the lovely black velvet button bag out there and never used it.

We see Laura and Uli packing, and Laura announces that she is not only a great sewer, but also a great packer. It's probably more rewarding to pack when you're using vintage Louis Vuitton cases. My Samsonite duffel doesn't really provide the same charge. She interviews that showing at Bryant Park is a huge career opportunity for her. She is not daunted by the task before her because, as she says, "I produced a whole line of kids. Why can't I produce a whole line of dresses?" And I hear far fewer episiotomies are performed during the production of dresses than the production of babies. Except for Michael Kors. Don't ask.

"Atlas, you've been good to us," Michael says to the building as he and Jeffrey are leaving the apartment. As they all carry their luggage outside of the building, Laura announces that she's walking home, and off she goes. Michael, Jeffrey, and Uli laugh as she does a little knock-kneed jig for their benefit.

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