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Season 2 Finale, Part II

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Season 2 Finale, Part II
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Previously: Santino, Chloe, and Daniel V., after months of preparation on their lines for Fashion Week (as well as a visit to each from Tim Gunn), met back in New York. They chose their models, designed the hair and make-up motifs for their show, worked feverishly to polish their designs -- they just generally worked their asses off. Then just as they light was visible at the end of the tunnel and they started to acknowledge their own fatigue, Heidi and Tim told the designers that they would have to design a thirteenth design for their twelve-piece collection. Everyone was freaked out, though Chloe seemed to be especially devastated. She pulled herself together and managed to find a little humor in the situation. Could it be that someone's favorite emotion is laughter through tears? That's my girl.

The show begins with forty hours remaining before the fashion show. We see them returning from Mood, where they shopped for supplies for the thirteenth design. Everyone seems flattened. I can see why. Imagine -- you've spent months and untold hours planning and creating a fashion line that you hope takes you to the next level of your career. This is after a month or however long it takes them to film the challenges, where you're using an entire different part of your brain, design-wise. A lot of the designers have said in interviews that a designer doesn't usually do his or her own sewing or have the time constraints that the Project Runway challenges use. So, you spent that time stretching your abilities and dealing with personalities and cameras and sleeping in a strange bed (that actually sounds like my first year in New York). You're in the final stretch and focused and doing your best on a lack of sleep. You're already pooped out of your mind when someone tells you that you have to switch gears and use that Project Runway Challenge part of your brain again. Not only are they asking you to use energy that you probably don't have, you run the risk of sending something unfinished down the runway when you've been working so hard to tailor your collection to your exact preferences. That seems like it would really suck.

Santino reminds us that the designers got to choose one of the season's eliminated designers to help with the thirteenth design. Santino chose Andrae, Daniel chose Nick, and Chloe chose Diana. Nick, who is identified in the onscreen graphic as "Eliminated Show #10," says in an interview that he really loves Daniel's collection. He describes it as elegant, classic American sportswear. However, along with the thirteenth design, a lot of finishing touches have to be applied to the collection. We've heard that tune before, as sung by Tim Gunn. I guess I can't see it as clearly when filtered through television, but it sounds like his shit is ready to fall apart. Successful in concept but junky in execution. It doesn't look that bad from home, though.

Chloe is describing to Diana an idea for the thirteenth design. At first, I thought she said that it would have "that valium look," which sounded really fabulous to me. I'm seeing 1970s housewife, frosted lips, Virginia Slims. But my closed captioning tells me that she actually said "volume look," which saddens me. You've not come as long a way as I was hoping, baby. She interviews that this collection is her "fantasy fashion show." I'm not sure if she means this is the show about which she has always fantasized, or if fantasy is the theme of the collection. She adds that the new challenge has offered her the opportunity to have "another gold piece" in her collection, which she felt like it needed. The connection of gold to a "fantasy fashion show" seems kind of nebulous, doesn't it? I guess people fantasize about having lots of gold. Are there going to be unicorns in the collection? The models should all wear unicorn horns. That's very fantasy.

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