Project Runway
Season 12, Finale, Part 2

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A Lot of Hot Pants

It's the finale! The actual finale! It starts with a recap of last episode. Remember the new last-minute challenge where the designers have to come up with something that can survive a trip through a washing machine? It seems like the sort of thing we'll be rolling our eyes at for years to come, doesn't it?

Tim sits with the four remaining designers: Dom, Bradon, Alexandria, and Justin. The first thing on the agenda is a trip to Mood with $250 for the new challenge. Justin has a fairly cohesive collection already, so he's making a sweater-vest that matches something he's already got in two looks. The fabric gets bought and the day ends.

The next day! Justin claims to be thrilled that the judges finally see him as a designer, but they've always seen him that way. And his three runway looks gave him valuable feedback from the judges, so now he knows he has to get rid of the ridiculous wigs. Bradon is confident in his collection already, so he's spending all his time doing final polishes. Alexandria is having trouble concentrating on her washable look because she's still a little bothered by all the things Nina had to say about her three looks. She should be!

Hairstyling is slightly more interesting than usual because Justin has to be careful to not replicate his silly wigs. Other than that, it's just a barrage of product placement.

The workroom seems very quiet, because there's hardly anyone left and they're all concentrating. But Tim's here to shake things up! He starts with Bradon, who welcomes Tim's feedback. I think he has some gold lamé hotpants in there. Tim thinks it's all very sexy, which Dom finds hard to believe. She's very skeptical about Tim's judgment here.

Dom's next, and Tim loves how obviously her collection is by her. The prints are giant and daring, which impresses everyone else. Tim's main recommendation is that the prints need to stay symmetrical, and there's a spot that he finds janky. That's what he says: "Janky." After a brief discussion of her washable look, Tim concludes, "It's gonna have to be...all about silhouette, proportion, and fit." Well, yes. That's not news. I guess it means he's confident in the color?

Justin was reassured by the judges, and now he's trying to make his washable look reversible. Tim recommends against getting too fancy, and he also dislikes a mid-calf length. Justin's considering adding more paint spatters. Alexandria sniffs that the stuff he made with his 3-D printer are actually more innovative than the designs themselves.

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