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Season 12 – Finale, Part 1

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It's the first part of the finale! Which means it's the part without the actual finale in it, so strap in for some filler. There are still five designers here, although only Dom and Bradon are definitely in for Fashion Week. Alexandria, Helen, and Justin are also making collections, but they have a pre-FW runway to convince the judges they're not worthless bums. They get $9,000 and six weeks to make a ten-look Spring collection. And also, one of their looks must be made with unconventional materials, which makes me sad again that the judges didn't like Chris March's dress made of human hair. I'm not over it! Heidi warns the designers to make sure the materials really are unconventional. You know, this season already had too many challenges with unconventional materials, Heidi. Tim will be making visits, which will eat up a lot of airtime.

Back to the hotel, where everyone packs up and gets out. Helen points out that they'll see each other again really soon. And they're off!

Four weeks later (so everyone should be two-thirds done) Tim hits Philadelphia to check in on Dom. She's at some kind of outdoor cafe, and she introduces her family, including her boyfriend. She's working as a hostess at this restaurant at night and working on her collection during the day. Yeesh. She credits her mother getting dressed up to go out as being a big influence on her love of fashion.

Her studio is rented from a gallery space above an art supply store. That sounds handy! She explains that she's really into Blade Runner so her collection is about Retrofuturism. I love Retrofuturism! It's basically what people used to think the future was going to look like. Because she's Dom, she's having a lot of giant prints done to her order. Tim recommends doing it all in knits, and Dom loves it. She's also got some silver spandex going, which is very Blade Runner. Her unconventional material is these metal door-hanger things. Tim is a little concerned about her time challenges, because she doesn't even have the textiles she needs for most of her looks. She vows to do work.

Los Angeles! Twelve days until Fashion Week. Bradon welcomes Tim to his home, and to the back bedroom that's full of mannequins. He was inspired by crocuses pushing through the snow, which is very Spring. He likes the bright colors crashing against the snow. His unconventional material is bandage elastic. No, wait; that's just one of his regular looks. His actual unconventional material is clothesline and "painter's plastic," which I think is dropcloth material. Tim hates it, because it doesn't fit with the rest of the line. Bradon is willing to lose it, although it represents five days of work. Tim gets to meet Joshua, who's engaged to Bradon. They have a scruffy little dog, and they go off to the beach to talk about how they met. Joshua was studying opera and Bradon was a dancer. Remember? Tim assures Bradon that his collection looks really great.

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