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Here it is! The reckoning. Zanna Roberts Rossi is the host tonight. She welcomes all of the designers and congratulates Michelle on a "brilliant" win. She tells her that she loved her collection. Then, she points out that Daniel no longer has a mustache. Cue montage scored with bouncy music about Daniel's mustache. He tells her that he thought it was time for a change, seeing as he is about to turn 50.

Zanna says that it's time to talk about the teams twist to this season. We see all of the designers cringe about being on teams. Everybody laughs at Kate's interview where she was like "Hell no" about the teams. Zanna says that she liked the team aspect because it put the designers in the real world and it gave them a chance to critique each other. That's a good point. Benjamin says that he had prepared himself for the show that he had seen before and he wasn't sure he would have gone through all of that to work on a team. Samantha seconds that and adds that they all had different viewpoints and wanted to have their voices heard.

Zanna cues the Teams From Hell montage. Gosh, I have forgotten some of these people's names. The first team they show is Benjamin and the older lady, with him trying to micromanage her. Cindy. Her name is Cindy. We see her interview where she is saying that Benjamin doesn't need to watch over her and Benjamin arches his eyebrow in a "not sure that's true" way. Then, they show Richard and Patricia flailing. Benjamin hugs Richard when they are showing it, which is sweet. Then, we see Michelle talking smack about Patricia and I feel like they could have gone further. She really said a lot of shit about her. Zanna asks Michelle what her problem was and she says that Patricia is an artist who has a hard time communicating what her final vision is. She would love to work with her now though because they bonded. Patricia says that she didn't know that Michelle felt that way about working with her, but she admitted it later, which she admired. Well, that's good.

Okay, we're getting somewhere interesting. Amanda says that she didn't know that Kate disliked her. We see Kate saying that she thinks Amanda is the weakest designer. Then, Kate says that she felt like the underdog and the outcast but now just thinks of all of them as a big dysfunctional family. Amanda, who seriously had to be the most well-spoken designer this season, says that she didn't look down on Kate. She adds that she doesn't want to sound condescending, but watching the show made her feel bad for Kate. Then, we see a little montage of Kate's troubles. Zanna asks if maybe she reacted the way she did because she is the youngest and immature. Wow. Stanley pops in and says that there was an element of fear for everyone and his way of handling it was to be really closed off. He says that the way he acted toward Tu when he was helping him was because of the pressures of the competition.

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