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Season 11 Finale, Part 2

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Previously: The designers came back from their time away from the runway with three-look mini collections. Daniel got the boot, which sends Michelle, Patricia and Stanley to Fashion Week.

It's nighttime at the Intercontinental Hotel, where the final three are mulling over the day's events. Michelle says to Patricia and Stanley that she really thought that all four of them would be sent to Fashion Week and Patricia replies that their victory is bittersweet. Stanley is freaked out that he got so much criticism from the judges. He needs to raise his hems and modernize his styling. Patricia thinks that he is going to pull something out of his hat. Michelle mentions that Patricia is in edit mode now and she agrees. The judgers want her to make her collection more cohesive. Michelle tells the others that she is glad that it's the three of them and then she interviews that she has a "33.33333 % chance of winning this." It would mean the world to her. Stanley says that he is hungry to win. Patricia doesn't even have the words for how badly she wants to win.

The next day, the designers are back to work and they have their helpers! Amanda seems like she would be a really positive person to have around when you're feeling that frenetic end-of-the-line sort of energy that I'm sure all of them must be experiencing right now. She'd say something really calming in her dulcet alto, maybe sing a few bars of some Maroon 5, and you'd be as Zen as Gary Busey. Michelle seems very grateful. Patricia tells Layana that Zac and Heidi liked her collection but Nina thought it was too much. Then, she says that she doesn't care because Nina can't be a "right-wing conservative sometimes." I love that so much, mostly for the fact that Nina can't really be a right-wing conservative, can she? I don't know. I guess I'd never really considered it. It's funny to consider. It can't be. I love that Patricia gets so fierce when she's crossed. Like, when Stanley was bossing her and she said that he looked like the asshole. Stanley tells Richard that they have a lot of work to do because some of their stuff failed majorly on the runway.

Tim shows up and congratulates all of them for making it to Fashion Week. He tells them that he is so proud of them, then he kind of shudders at the memory of the runway show the day before. That was a pretty epic judging. Richard is wearing the nuttiest pants right now. They remind me of Jams from the '80s. Jams crossed with Bea Arthur. Certainly, no one ever needed to go to that intersection ever. So, thanks a lot for that, Rich. Tim says that they will have their make-up consultations today. He reminds them to consider the entire arc of their show when deciding upon make-up options.

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