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Season 10 Finale, Part 1

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Previously: It was the avant-garde challenge! Nothing too crazy this time around. It suddenly became a plot point that Sonjia was not living up to her potential as a designer, seeing as she had won multiple challenges and all. Dmitry won the challenge, while newly anointed slacker Sonjia was sent home.

So, this takes place some time after the last runway show. It seems like they could have done it immediately after the last elimination, but everyone is wearing different clothes. Which still could have been planned. Apparently, I really need to get to the bottom of this. Anyway, all of the designers are sitting by the runway, wearing clothes that are different from the duds they donned for the elimination. Heidi enters, also wearing a new outfit. Who do we trust? I'm going to stop talking about this now. But, I feel it's my duty to make sure everyone has seen The Real Dragwives from TWoP alumnus DJB. It's hysterical and you should see it and the possibilities for future reenactments are endless. If I were to cast the people on the screen with some of the queens, I'd go with Raja as Heidi, Manila Luzon as Christopher (and the boys would have to be done in a boys-as-girls-as-boys fashion), Raven as Dmitry, Pandora Boxx as Melissa and Rebecca Glasscock as Fabio.

Heidi congratulates the designers and asks them how they feel. All but Fabio say "amazing" or something happy like that, while Fabio is "nervous." Heidi says that he should be nervous and he hangs his head and giggles and says, "I know." Wow. Guys. I love him so much. He interviews that he's dying inside because he wants this so much. Then, Heidi calls Tim to the stage. Fabio says "aw" as Tim comes out and tells the designers that he doesn't even have adequate words to describe how proud he is of them. Well, he could at least try. Heidi says that the designers will all be given nine grand and five weeks to complete their collections.

Then, she says that they are not all guaranteed a place in the Final Three. Well, obviously, because of the differences between four people and what "three" means. But, why is there a Final Three? What's the point? I wonder if more people showed at Fashion Week this year as decoys. Maybe she's saying this because they are all going to be showing, but they may knock someone out of the running if their collection isn't strong enough? Everyone groans at the news. Christopher says that he would be devastated for anyone who would have to leave the competition at this point. Tim says that he will be visiting all of them at their homes and Heidi jokes that they'll need to clean up. Tim and Heidi leave the stage and we see their silhouettes give each other a little peck behind the scrim. Sure.

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