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Season 1 Reunion

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Season 1 Reunion

We're down to the final three designers: Kara Saun, Jay, and Wendy. Heidi explains to us that all of the designers are returning to New York for a "special episode."

The location is Club Crobar, in New York City. It's a massive dance club, but, sure, have a reunion for the twelve contestants of Project Runway there. It seems like a nice little Italian restaurant would have been a more appropriately sized and purposed location, but maybe I'm not thinking big enough.

One hour before the show, we see Daniel Franco walking past a velvet rope. On the screen graphic, the subtitle to his name is "Eliminated Episode #1." For those who came to the series late, the editors are kind enough to include a shot of Daniel's silly Workshop dance. This way, you can just know that you would have hated him and move on. We also see Daniel's ridiculous brushing-off of Tim Gunn, which was probably the final nail in Daniel's poorly designed coffin.

Mario, the second eliminated, joins Daniel at the bar in Crobar. Mario seems completely uninterested in becoming reacquainted with Daniel. He's all about getting a drink. This spells uncomfortable, since they are the only two people in the place.

Next, Starr gets out of a town car. Poor sad Starr. We see a shot of her elimination breakdown. She and Daniel toast as Daniel says, "To fashion, I guess." That's the first understated moment I've seen the man have. Maybe he didn't realize a camera was on him.

Nora is giggling as she enters. Then, we see her drama with Kevin. Her laugh is that of a person walking into a place where she was previously embarrassed. Like, when you go to work the Monday after the Christmas Party where you got drunk and fell on the cheese table. And, for real, I have NEVER DONE THAT. Nora greets Mario and Starr very warmly.

Alexandra enters. We see a clip of her fitting her tiny swimsuit design onto her model. Once seated, we hear her saying that some boutiques have started carrying her designs since the show. That's pretty cool.

Kevin enters as we see a clip of him being really nasty to poor Starr. Seriously, though, I never fell on any cheese table. When Kevin enters Crobar, he and Nora hug. They seem really glad to see each other.

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