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Previously: The designers presented their collections. No one escaped the critiques unscathed, though Josh got props for pulling back a little. It looked like this was Anya's swan song, but they chose all four of them to show at Fashion Week! It's not over folks.

It's morning at the Hudson Hotel and Anya and Kimberly are putting their faces on. They are marveling at the events of the previous day. Anya says that she is thrilled to be there but doesn't feel that she showed her best work to the judges. Kimberly asks if Anya thinks that the boys are genuinely happy for them. She's not sure -- she thinks Josh seemed a little upset, however, "that's Josh." Cut to Josh telling Viktor how great it would have been if the chances of winning had been increased from 25 to 33 percent. I don't really understand the logic there. This isn't a game of math. He interviews that, crap, you know, he's in this to win this and now he has to knock yet another person out of the game. Viktor is focusing on implementing the judges' critiques into his collection. He understands that this is a competition with himself, not the 75 or 66 percent of other designers. Viktor says that he just has to concentrate on editing.

It's two days before the show and they get to work in a fancy workroom. Anya says that she feels like she's had a little bit of an identity crisis in the course of creating this collection. We see Nina tell her that some of her pieces weren't "her." Anya says that she completely agrees with the judges, so she's just thinking of how she can rework things to look exactly as she wants them. Tim greets them and says that the critique from the judges was hard, even for him. He tells Viktor that the evening look/leather jacket of his that got criticized, was one of his favorites. He also says that he loved the pantsuit thing of Josh's. Come again? That thing was busted from the back. He says that Anya was all over the place and she knows it. That has to hurt.

Tim says that the show is giving them a special gift -- 500 bucks to spend at Mood any way they see fit. OK, I don't particularly mind, but this seems designed to help Anya, doesn't it? Her collection, as it is, stands no chance of winning and there's only so much that you can accomplish with styling. Kimberly is going to take her bubble skirt and make it in black. Josh wants to rethink the jumper that he made. Everyone seems like they're on the right track here. Anya jokes about the fact that she's already had 6 months to make these decisions, insinuating that another few bucks and a couple f days isn't really going to make a difference. Viktor has decided to work on his gown, or rather, a new gown. They go to Mood. Anya interviews that she's going to buy whatever pops out at her and she's not going to think of shape or color at all. She says that it's the craziest strategy she has ever used. We see her grab a lot of black and white prints. Tim stops Kimberly from buying to many embellishments and tells her she's gilding the lily. No offense, but I think that lily was gilded a while ago. Viktor is thinking that a sheer look will work for him. I think this is his attempt to be more bold.

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