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Previously: The designers had their final challenge. Josh was all crazy about the fact that Anya hasn't been a sewing person her whole life. WHATEVER. Laura was eliminated. Sad times.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She's wearing this little coral dress that is so cute. I really can't get over how profoundly pretty Heidi has been at like every moment of this season. She asks Kimberly if she has recovered, remembering that she was a little stunned on the runway. Kimberly answers that it has been quite a journey. Oh Kim, you just used one of my least favorite reality show phrases, along with buses and things that you throw under them. Can you imagine being a bus driver in a world where people are actually throwing things under your bus? Don't bother. It's stupid. Heidi tells the designers that all four of them will be creating collections, but only three of them will present at Fashion Week. Anya interviews that, tired as she is, the competition has just started. They will each get nine grand and five weeks to create their collection. Josh, sounding more and more like Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island with every sentence escaping his blindingly white teeth, says that five weeks is a short amount of time to create a 10-look collection. Tim enters the runway to applause. He reminds the designers that he's going to be visiting them at home. Heidi tells them to wow the judges. Then, she and Tim leave the runway and do a little dance behind the scrim.

The boys are packing at the Atlas Building. The girls are doing the same. Anya admits that she didn't totally unpack at first because she didn't think that she would be there as long as she was. She interviews that she's nervous, exhausted and maybe sad about leaving. She tells Kim that it doesn't feel real. Kimberly interviews that she doesn't know how to feel. She's going to give herself a couple of days to just "be." On his way to the subway, Viktor says that he knows the other designers are going to "bring it." Josh, also taking the train, says that it's time for him to go home and build a beautiful collection. Kimberly interviews that she'll miss...wait. It doesn't seem like she misses anything.

3 weeks later, Tim is visiting the bucolic vistas of White Plains, Maryland. Kimberly lives there. He walks up the sidewalk to her house, as if he walked all the way from New York. They were just like, "Tim, here's the address. You have three weeks to get there." Kim greets Tim at her front door. She interviews that she's very excited to have him there. She's gorgeous and Tim says she doesn't look like a person who has been toiling away on a collection. She promises that she has. She interviews that she hasn't slept since leaving the show. She takes him to her studio and he remarks that she has so much space as compared to New York. Regarding her inspiration, she says that she grew up in pre-gentrified Brooklyn but elevated herself. She wants to design for the same girl. "Brooklyn transformed." She shows him some stuff, including a leather jacket, sweat pants and some jewelry made with rope that resembles gold. Tim tells her that the collection is "her." He tells her to take some risks. She interviews that she doesn't want to bore the judges. "We don't want to bore Nina!" Jesus, no. We don't want that.

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