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Previously: The challenge was to create the "signature" dress for the Campbell's Address Your Heart Program. Their clients were all women who had been affected by heart disease. They were the dreaded "real women" that we hear so much about when we're huddled around the campfire telling spooky stories. And, let me tell you, the work suffered. Granted, they were saddled with the requirements that the dresses be red and feature Campbell's branding, but damn. The SHINE. Everything was so damn shiny. Amy won and the dress was pretty and modern, but I think her success was mostly in avoiding the pitfalls that the other designers fell victim to. Jesus was eliminated, and his dress was really no good. Some people on the forums have been defending it, and I get their points. It's made well and, for some occasions, it might be fine. I think, though, that his choice of fabric was pretty gauche, I agree with the judges about the straps being wrong and it's a really bad length/fit combo for a gala event.

It's morning at the Atlas apartments. And, making coffee in the boys' apartment is a shirtless... Seth Aaron? This is not what I ordered. Anthony, who is still in bed, is trying to wake Jay up. He tells him that's it's time for Bible study. Jay doesn't comply, so Anthony says, "If you won't read the word, I'll use it as a weapon." Then, he hits Jay with the Bible and they laugh. That Anthony is full of surprises. I like him more and more all of the time. He interviews that it felt nice, during the last challenge, to not be in the bottom three. However, a thing he has learned about the bottom three is that when you're in it, there's nowhere to go but up. The mannequins are like, "Or home. You could go home."

Anna is asking herself if she wants tea or coffee. She interviews that being in the bottom three sucks, but she knows that amazing things are going to happen. How? Because, though she is nice, she is also fierce. You are not on the Gauntlet, Anna. She has been the biggest disappointment for me this season. In the first episode, I read her as a cheery, focused little peach. But, she's a BORE. I don't just mean that she's not overflowing with witticisms, though it would be nice. Her clothes pretty much bore me too, especially when you look at what she's done collectively this season. Pull it together, Anna.

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