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Here Comes Everybody!

Oh boy! Project Runway is back! And it's in New York with Tim Gunn and all that sort of thing. This is the episode that introduces us to the cast, and we're skipping the unsuccessful auditions. Which is an idea I'm pretty happy about.

This season, Tim is one of the three judges who got to pick the contestants. Yay! Unlike certain "real" judges I could name, Tim seems to have impeccable taste. The judges pick fifteen contestants, and the sixteenth was picked by the Internet. Which is obviously a great idea, right? Well, they got to choose from three contestants on previous seasons: Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman from Season 6, Valerie Mayen from Season 8 and Kate Pankoke from Season 11. I don't remember any of them, but we'll find out who's in later on.

Michelle Lesniak (last season's winner) and Nick Verreos ("alumnus") will be helping us out. But I might not write down anything they say, because it's mostly just, "I loved their clothes! That's why they're on the show now!"

Timothy Westbrook lives in Milwaukee and does cartwheels. He's animated and, frankly, tiring.. He has a unicorn necklace. He works in repurposed materials, so he's good at making clothes out of bed sheets. That'll be helpful, I guess. He'll be good at the junk challenges, but he won't have any idea what to do in Mood. We see a garment that was made out of old cassette tapes and it's gorgeous. And there's the umbrella garment and so on. He has a wooden loom that he uses pretty efficiently. His plan for Mood is to go to the remnants box and pick out stuff from there. Also, he has a furry tail he can clip onto the back of his trousers.

Alexandria Von Bromssen is from San Mateo. She tells us that she's funny and crazy, which you're usually not to say about yourself. She was a teenage model, but she hated it so she got a Masters at NYU. She runs a sewing camp, which should mean that she's an expert at operating and maintaining sewing machines. Her point of view is "edgy, modern, strong." I'm not sure that means anything. She also says she loves "strong jackets," which is at least a thing. She seems nice, although she forgets what season she's in. It's Season 12.

Karen Batts is from Queens. She has red hair and says that she likes color and prints. One of her audition judges is Anthony Ryan! She explains that she's studied photography, which informed the way she makes prints. She also has cats, which I don't think is strictly relevant to the show. She has a "submarine coat" that I think looks ridiculous.

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