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Previously: The designers created designs inspired by New York landmarks. Kenley won the challenge with a really snappy design that was modern, yet had her whole pin-up girl aesthetic. Sweet Emily was sent home for her Slaves of New York coked-up 80's disaster. Things went like they should, except when Blayne threatened to eat Kenley. We also found out that Keith might be a little bit of a loose cannon. He's definitely socially awkward.

It's a new day. Everybody's getting ready. Korto says that she woke up and "my Emily" was gone, but it's a competition and life goes on and all that. She says that she doesn't want to go home so she has to "put [her] foot into" whatever the next challenge is. I guess I understand what she's going for when she says that, but it sounds weird. Kenley says that winning a challenge and being understood by people who are important in fashion (like Sandra Bernhard) was really special to her. Also, having immunity is a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders.

In the boys' apartment, we see Rayon applying what may be moisturizer, but what I would like to believe is make-up. Because I'm making a list of things that I hate about him and that would fit in just fine.

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers while carrying the lovely black velvet button bag. Heidi's such a knockout. I forget sometimes. Leslie, Emily's model, and Shannone, Kenley's model, are brought out. Kenley decides to stay with Shannone. Godspeed, Leslie!

Heidi tells the designers that Tim is waiting to take them on a field trip, where they will learn about their next challenge. Everyone looks appropriately fatigued at the prospect. These damn field trips. Jerell says that he doesn't have any idea where they are going, he only hopes that it has nothing to do with female wrestlers. We don't hear it, but you know that Stella feels the exact opposite in that regard.

Tim loads the designers into two vans and they are on their way. Joe interviews that there was a lot of speculation about where they might be going. When Korto sees that they are going to the Bronx, she says that this must be a hip-hop challenge. Rayon replies, "Yeah, Rayon loves that." This man must not have friends, because could you imagine dealing with that bullshit? Watching it on TV is bad enough-- try having dinner with it. Or going to the movies. "Rayon likes butter on Rayon's popcorn." No.

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