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Reunion Season 4
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Previously: Season 4 of Project Runway happened. It was equal parts fierce and like the poo-ing of fabric.

It's reunion time! I can't help but hold onto a little of the childlike anticipation of this special show, but...let's face it, it's never exciting. Except for the first year, when whosit British lady got drunk and spilled her wine. That whole episode was actually kind of exciting, as I recall.

We're at the Parson's runway, but sans runway. Heidi greets the designers, who are in their usual runway spots, except now they're on fancy couches. She and Tim welcome them, and Heidi says that they look more relaxed. Tim agrees, then Heidi reminisces about how tense all of the designers looked when they were having their designs judged. Imagine that.

Heidi asks all of the designers how their new notoriety is suiting them. Kevin says that it's a little weird, since their lives haven't changed in regards to their jobs (yet...hopefully?). So, it's odd for them to be walking around at their jobs having people recognize them. Heidi directs this question specifically to Simone, who she points out left on the "early side". Simone says (and I'm assuming this will be the first and last time we hear from her this episode) that things are good and she and Kit got accosted in the airport by a bunch of young girls who wanted their autographs.

Kit says that she gets emails from 8-year old girls who send scans of their illustrations and solicit her for advice. She says that the best part of the show has been being "a positive inspiration to young kids who want to design." Yeah yeah. Maybe that's true, but it always embarrasses me when people say shit like that. Elisa chimes in that it's great when young girls come up to her and tell her how she gave them hope that it's okay to be different. Alright, I want numbers. How many girls did this? If the girls were together, that doesn't count. How many groups of girls expressed their admiration this way? Do you know what I'm saying? ["You're saying Diablo Cody hasn't inspired as many sardonic teens as she lets on?" -- Joe R]

Sweet P says her favorite part is when celebrities recognize her. Jack Black and Catherine Keener said she was their favorite. That's kind of awesome. She adds that Brad Pitt was nearby when this happened, so she couldn't believe that they would care about her at all. She loved it.

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