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The dust has yet to settle on Dmitry's Project Runway win and we're already back for some all-star action. And we begin with Joshua McKinley, who appears to be wearing a satin leopard-print jacket. You didn't know that leopards came in satin, did you? Well, now you do. Maybe this is unfair, but I don't have to see much more than Joshua, all lacquered hair and tweezed eyebrows and spray-tanned to within an inch of his life, popping the non-existent collar on his satin leopard-print jacket to remember just how much I disliked him on his season. Just the most ungracious unaware dude. He interviews that winning Project Runway: All-Stars would validate him because it would be an admission from the judges that they didn't get their decision right the first time. Oh, I see, we're going to start out like that. I really can't stand this guy. He just doesn't get it. He also says that he's back to give the judges "the ol' razzle bedazzle." I guess he's trying to brand his penchant for adorning everything. Yeah, be proud of that, you nitwit. Seriously, he makes me want to go into P.R. or be an image consultant or something. Someone could fix this guy. He has considerable talent and it's satisfying to watch him work because he's pretty competent. Aside from the fact that I'm not really crazy about his aesthetic, his main problem is that he looks like an idiot and he spews bullshit all of the time.

Emilio Sosa is next. I'm only being honest that I don't remember a lot of specific moments with Emilio. I remember that he was incredibly talented though a challenging personality. He reminds us that he won the most challenges during his season. His object for being here is winning the whole competition. He reminds us that he has been in theatre for 25 years and is Tony-nominated. Well, that's pretty huge in my book.

Next is Althea Harper from Season 6. I was on the road that season and Al Lowe was recapping, so I'm not really familiar with her. She has a lot of really shiny and meticulously curled hair. She tells us that she was just out of the college when she was last on the show and she has learned a lot more about who she is as a designer. Here's Anthony Ryan from Season 9. I can't really remember if he and Joshua got along well or not. He says that he should have gone further in his season and people should not underestimate him.

Sweet Jesus, what is Suede, aka "Rayon", doing here? He looks ridiculous. He's got all of this super precious facial hair that is dyed purple. Guys, I can't even. He tells us that "Suede is ready to rock the freaking frock." First of all, I go back to this idea -- why would anyone, ANYONE, wear clothes made by someone who put themselves together in such a way as Rayon here does? I mean, what is his objective? What IS the object? If it's a tony Park Avenue society doyenne as a client, well, then, he's doing every possible wrong thing that can be done. If it's celebrity, then... well done? I don't know. Seriously, I can't.

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