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Reap What You Sew
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Previously: the designers had to create a look based on some really cute little puppies. Angela barely, BARELY survived being auf'd with the nasty creation that she coughed up. Katie was unluckier for making a dress that was really boring. Bradley was so slow, he almost didn't get an outfit ready in time for the runway show. Uli's design won. In other news, Keith continued to be an asshole.

It's wake-y time at the Atlas Building. As Bonnie and Uli are rising, they ponder if the girls will all be moving into one apartment -- now that Katie has been sent home. They don't mind the prospect. "Just not Angela," says Uli. Man, Uli's been pretty nice to everyone, too. If she doesn't want to be around you, you're not popular. Or maybe it's just a roommate thing. Perhaps, unbeknownst to us, Angela is suffering from the night terrors. Night terrors certainly lower your value in roommate terms. Take it from me.

Angela interviews that, after the last runway show, she needs to gain everyone's respect. Step one, Angela, would be to cease and desist with the freaking clown skirts. One of them almost got you kicked off the show -- you'd think that this would be the perfect time to rethink the fucking skirt. Well, maybe that's tomorrow. For today, she's sticking with the skirt. Also, I can't stop giggling when I see "Freelance Fashion Designer" under her name. Maybe she's not the person who thought of that. It just seems like you could replace "Freelance" with "Unemployed." In which case, we could all be a freelancer at anything. Like, I'm a "Freelance Game Show Host." Actually... I may put that on my résumé. Thanks, Angie!

Jeffrey tells us that, having not won a challenge, he feels like no one understands him. If I were writing a script for Jeffrey based purely on his appearance, "No one understands me" would be the first line. You know that guy says that shit all the time. He's really jealous that the judges seem to love Keith and thinks that Keith's greatest talent is bullshitting. First of all, touché. There's not a "second of all," except that I hate Cosa Nostra as the name of a clothing line. It just seems like one more poseur-y thing to add to Jeffrey's Big Fat Phony Persona.

At Parsons, Heidi arrives in a micro denim mini to tell the designers that their next challenge will be to design an outfit for INC (International Concepts). INC is sold in Macy's stores across the country.

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