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Previously: The designers had to create an American sportswear look inspired by Jackie Kennedy. Mondo nailed a classic look, while retaining all of his wackiness. Then, some sort of evil was unleashed and resulted in the ousting of Cute Michael for reasons that I find hugely suspect. Fine, Tim hated the skirt and we all trust Tim, but I for one just didn't think it was that bad. I'm still upset about this.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and April and Gretchen are trying to wake up. Gretchen interviews that Cute Michael was a gift in the workroom and kept things very light. Not having him around will make this feel more like a competition. I really wish Cute Michael weren't dead. Mondo and Christopher wake up to the reality that they have to move in with Andy and Other Michael. The wake of Cute Michael's expiration knows no bounds. Mondo is not excited.

Ivy and Valerie wake up with Valerie complaining about the judges and declaring that she's going to just try to design the best thing she can. Valerie, is this a new tactic for you? My guess is that you should have tried that all along. I don't know though. I'm no hero (NOT TRUE -- I am completely a hero).

Christopher and Mondo roll into the new apartment and Andy interviews that he's glad to have them around. He likes it that they are people that he can 'trust." Jesus, this guy. Andy is SO self-serious. It actually embarrasses me. Trust? They're not overseeing your health care. They are just going to be making dresses beside you then sleeping for a couple of hours in the same apartment unit as you. No real leap of faith is necessary there, so drop the West Wing bullshit.

They make it to the runway without deep analysis of how the move of the boys into the new apartment will CHANGE EVERYTHING. I'm glad for this. Heidi, probably exhausted from how hard this job is, tells the designers that she will let Tim fill them in on all of the details of the challenge. She will, however, tell them that the winner of the challenge will be the recipient of a "big chunk of change." She must be beat after powering through and giving them that information. Heidi's so brave.

At the workroom, the designers are greeted by Tim Gunn and Collier Strong. I love Collier. He greets the designers after Tim announces that he will be helping the designers create make-up looks. And the challenge? To create a high-fashion look for a L'Oreal Paris advertorial. Tim clarifies what he means by "high-fashion" -- a look that would be at home during Paris Couture Week. A real "wow" moment. Other Michael is excited about the exposure resulting from an ad of this nature. Mondo likes the idea of being allowed to make something over-the-top. The ad will appear in Marie Claire magazine. Make that a vomitorial.

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