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Previously: The designers squared off and Jerell accused Michael of copying his design. Rami was eliminated. Too soon. I still feel that. The dancing during the credits... is the best thing, because it's the worst thing. They look ridiculous, all of them.

It's morning and Austin is doing Kenley's hair, which is really a lovely sight. Curlers and hairspray are involved, of course. The others are having breakfast and everyone is still stunned that Rami was sent home. Jerell interviews that it changes the game because Rami was such a formidable designer, but everyone is going to have to go home so that he can get his check.

The designers go to meet Angela at Circle in the Square Theatre, a Broadway house in the middle of the theatre district. It's currently the home of the revival of Godspell. So this is kind of funny. Any real knowledge I have about fashion is really a clinical knowledge of costume that I gained at school as a drama major. The head of Costume Design at my school at the time was Susan Tsu, the costume designer for the original Broadway production of Godspell! I have to say too, it's rare that a production has costumes that are iconic and reproduced almost exactly in subsequent productions (unless it's from source material like a comic strip, see Annie), but Susan Tsu's costumes were iconic. That suspenders and Superman T-shirt look is really considered part of the show, at least per subsequent productions. Kenley's super excited and says that she goes to Broadway shows all of the time. Interesting. Austin says that he loves the illusion and fantasy of theatre.

Angela greets them and says that the challenge will be presented by their guest judge, the composer of Pippin and Wicked, Stephen Schwartz. Wow, that guy must be so rich. Seriously. And...Pippin is the GREATEST. I, uh, this may not be the best recap. I can feel myself seriously geeking out. But, my roommate and I used to rent a video of a Pippin performance because we loved Chita Rivera so much. The previous sentence could be used to ruin me one day. Not sure how. Stephen tells the designers that the winner of the next challenge will have their design featured in the show, which means a bio in the Playbill. Mondo says that a bio in a Broadway Playbill would be a huge thing. Yeah, that could be a lot of exposure. Angela introduces the director of the show and the actress who is playing the character for whom they would be designing. Stephen says that the character is very wealthy and likes for everyone to know how rich she is. Uzo Aduba, the actress, says that the costume should feel like she's actually rich. She's thinking, don't give me some burlap sack that I have to dress up with my performance. Stephen says that all of the characters in the show should look like they picked up their clothes in the back of the closet or in a thrift store. Danny Goldstein, the director of the show, tells the designers that the costume will be assembled onto the actor in the show. That's a really interesting part of the challenge. It means that they need to make separates. They have a budget of $200 and one day to create the look. Angela tells them to break a leg!

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