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Previously: We met our rag tag group of all-stars. They were split into two teams and had to make a mini collection. Anthony Ryan was the winner of the challenge. Andrae and Peach were in the bottom and poor Peach got sent home.

I think that maybe Carolyn Murphy went to some voiceover classes. Her explanation of the prize package is so polished and news anchor-y. Diane Sawyer would be proud. Or, perhaps she would plot to have this Carolyn Murphy creature out of her way. Forever.

The designers meet Carolyn at the Nine West showroom. Rayon interviews that it was "shoe heavenorama." That makes me want to rip his fucking tongue out Game of Thrones-style. Isn't saying it's heaven ENOUGH? You add that stupid "orama" to something that is an object and there's a place that's all about that object. Heaven is already fucking HEAVEN. Honestly, I'm breathing fast right now. Carolyn greets them and introduces Stefanie Greenfield who is the Chief Creative Officer of The Jones Group (that owns Nine West). She tells the designers that their challenge is to create a party look inspired by disco. This is gonna be classy. Wendy Pepper laughs and says, "Finally. My era." She seems in remarkably gentle spirits these days. It's unnerving. I wonder if maybe the other designers defused the Wendy bomb by being nice to her last week. She reminds us in an interview that she lived through the ''70s.

They will be choosing shoes from the '70s brights trend and their model will wear the shoe on the runway, therefore the look they make has to consider the shoe that they choose. Anthony Ryan gets to choose first, then he chooses Ivy. She chooses a gold shiny shoe, then chooses Casanova. He chooses Emilio. He chooses Althea. She chooses Uli. She chooses Kayne of Many Colors. He chooses Josh. He chooses Rayon. Rayon chooses Wendy "Pepper, not salt" which touches her. Laura Kathleen is chosen next and interviews that no one likes her. Can't argue there. That means that Andrae gets the remaining shoe. Carolyn tells him that she has faith that he will make something beautiful.

They're going to have 30 minutes to sketch at the Nine West showroom, then they'll have a day to finish the look. They will be judged on how well they translate the disco stuff into a modern look. Also, the winning designer will be featured in the Nine West Fall campaign! That's huge.

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