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Tim Gunn introduces the episode. Hi, Tim! Tonight's deal is that Project Runway "superfans" submitted videos asking for makeovers. We see some of the videos, but I don't care. Tim claims that the eight that were chosen are "Über Duber Super Fans," and I would prefer that he not talk like that. They're on the top of a tour bus being driven around New York City on some kind of Project Runway tour. When they get to Parsons, they're very excited. Although when you think about it, there are only like three Project Runway locations in the city and that's counting Fashion Week. They're also excited to see Tim, who is pleased to see them as well.

He gives them friendly hugs and welcomes them to Parsons. They're happy to be here. He takes them on a tour, and we get to see some neat backstage stuff. He warns them that the craft service table is dangerous, "because one candy bar is too many and the whole table isn't enough." There's the Runway! And we see it from unusual angles, which is actually pretty exciting because we can see where the monitors are positioned just off-camera. Everyone's allowed up on the runway, and they naturally take their time strutting up and down and posing behind the silhouette wall. Tim tells the fans that the designers don't know they're here, so he has them hide in the sewing room. They're happy to!

Meanwhile, the designers are killing time in the workroom. Somebody speculates on just making a dress out of muslin, which might mean that they're out of money. Or it might just be a random sentence flown in from a completely different day. Tim has them gather around, and he tells them they have new clients who are very excited. This, of course, causes some worry from the designers. The "superfans" come in and are introduced to the designers. Some designers are pleased to meet superfans and some (Ken) don't seem to care. The challenge has something to do with L'Oréal Paris and hair. In the middle of Tim's explanation, Ken has an interview where he describes Tim's speech as "blah blah blah blah blah." I agree, Ken! However, Ken then segues into a speech about how he's never sewn for real women, and he's scared. To be fair, he's not putting the women down or objecting; he's just saying he's never done it.

Back to Tim: every fan's been pre-assigned to a designer. Sorry, fans; I'm not going to go to the trouble of describing you in detail unless drama crops up. I will say that Jamie, who is Helen's client, looks a lot like Miranda from earlier this season. The closest anyone comes to complaining is when Bradon says that his client, Jennifer, doesn't really need a makeover. The clients apparently get to come along to Mood, which they like. And it's a two-day challenge, which the designers are thrilled about. Everyone's happy!

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