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The Dirty Thirties

The designers are sitting at the runway, waiting for Alyssa to tell them this week's challenge, which has something to do with "Glamour and Romance of the Thirties." Two of the stars of the upcoming "Bonnie and Clyde" are here to tell them about it. I happen to know a lot about the historical Bonnie and Clyde and I can assure you that their lives were pretty far from glamorous. For people who are interested, the stars that are speaking to us are Holliday Grainger (from The Borgias) and Sarah Hyland (from Modern Family). The specific challenge is to find a partner (because Bonnie and Clyde were two people that worked together) and make a look inspired by both Bonnie and Clyde, as well as the glamorous fashions of the 1930s. I recommend sticking to the glamorous part, because Bonnie and Clyde were a couple of dummies that stuck up gas stations and slept in ditches a lot of the time.

Seth Aaron claims that he's really into movies set in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. That's kind of a wide range, there. Alyssa explains that in each pair of designers, one designer will create a male look and one will create a female look. It's pretty clear that the only reason there wasn't an elimination last week is so that they could have an even number of designers this time. That's still no excuse for not sending Jeffrey home. Each look will be critiqued on its own, but cohesion is important.

Christopher picks Viktor as his partner, and Viktor waves his fan around because that's the only reason he brought it. He should learn more moves with it. Viktor gets to decide who's next to pick a partner. He chooses Seth Aaron, which Elena somehow takes as an insult, and Seth Aaron chooses Jeffrey as his partner. His logic is that Jeffrey has designed men's clothes for Marilyn Manson and Elton John. Those might not be the most straightforward men's fashions you've ever seen. Jeffrey has Irina select next, and she goes with Mychael, leaving Korto and Elena as partners. Elena thinks everyone's assuming she'll be as crazy as she was in her season. No, I think they're assuming she'll be as crazy as she's been in every challenge this season. She puts out good work but goes on such an emotional journey each time that it would be exhausting to work with her. Besides, each of the three partners that were chosen (Viktor, Jeffrey, and Mychael) were explicitly because they had experience with menswear.

The next day, it's time to get to work in the workroom. Jeffrey, Viktor, and Mychael are all doing the menswear. Mychael claims that what he's going for is "Cary Grant meets James Dean." Well, The Cary Grant part is okay, although in my opinion he didn't really hit the height of his elegance until the 1940s. James Dean, however, was nine years old when the 1930s ended, so he might not be the Thirties Glamour Icon that Mychael is imagining. Korto takes the menswear side because she won a menswear challenge in her season. Elena is doing a leather jacket with some kind of 1930s flair.

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