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On Thin Ice

Zulema breaks something on the overlock machine and Andrae kind of swoons and does a Norma Desmond. "No you didn't," he says. "Off with her head!" Maybe, if fashion design doesn't work out, Andrae could move into the field of negotiating with, like, terrorists and shit. Andrae decides that he is going to properly thread the overlock machine, before even beginning his project. Or, there's Time Management Counselor. He'd really soar there, I think. Zulema comments that, though it was kind of Andrae to make the effort, she would have never done the same thing because she would have never finished her own garment. Of course, she is saying this while dressed in a pink skating suit with gold eye makeup slathered on her lids. It's hard to think that she's right.

Nick mocks Andrae: "Fake faux [sic] British accent: 'Oh, it's the end of the world. We cannot use the overlock.'" Andrae then enters the workroom and announces that he has fixed the overlock, so if anyone screws them up -- and, from what we've seen, these guys and sewing machines are like champagne bottles and ship christenings…okay, that was a little forced, but you get my point. They break them -- they will have to rethread them themselves. I'm thinking Andrae is kind of dumb for doing that until he interviews and says that he needs things to be perfect and that's why he fixed the machines, thus not giving himself enough time to work on his own project. I get the OCD thing, so I can understand. Commercials.

The next morning, Andrae's still bitching about not having enough time. He says to Nick that, though he likes to help people, he won't do so at the expense of his own project. Okay, so that's exactly what he did do, but he clarifies in an interview that he won't be doing that again. In an effort to make that sound like some sort of battle cry, the editors follow Andrae's comments with Daniel interviewing that it's getting competitive. He hopes that the best designer wins. I really love his hair. I'm getting a Jane Fonda in Klute vibe that's very rewarding for me as a viewer.

Back at Parsons, everyone is busily working when Tim Gunn enters for a "Make It Work" Talk. He tells them that he has had technicians examine the sewing machines and, though they are working at some capacity, the designers may have to sew some stuff by hand. Where are they? You can't get properly functioning sewing equipment at freaking Parsons? Where can you get it, then?

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