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On Thin Ice

Then Kara asks Nick a question about her garment. His response is, "I'm not teaching today." Fair enough. It's fun to notice every once in a while that they are still wearing their skating outfits. Lavender doesn't look that bad on Nick. Santino weighs in via interview that Kara is always asking too many questions of other designers. It's interesting how Santino always has so many opinions about the other designers. But then we see Nick actually helping Kara. Codependent much, Uncle Nick? As he is telling her to trust her instincts, we see Santino smirking at the action from across the room. The implication is that Nick is a sucker for helping.

In the sewing room, we see a shot of Santino's design partially pinned to his dress form. Chloe interviews with a chuckle that she doesn't "know what the hell he's doing." She and Nick are sitting beside each other at machines as she looks back at Santino's design. "Is that both sides?" Nick admonishes her with a "You need to stop," as Zulema chuckles in what looks like agreement with Chloe. It's kind of nice to see Santino have the piss taken out of him, even if he's not in the room. Chloe continues with her faux-concerned shtick: "Well, nobody asked my opinion." This gets a laugh from Nick. Small moment, yet satisfying.

Oh wait, they're not done yet. Nick interviews that, though Santino is talented and "has a great eye," his design for this challenge is "over the top." Zulema describes Santino's improv/additive style of building a garment, noting that the back of his design has "too much going on."

It's near the end of the day, and several people are in the sewing room. Emmett says that he never sews. I'm just going to take a flying leap and assume that it has something to do with him being a, uh, what is it? He's a…God, you know, just give me a moment, I know he's said it. He's. A…menswear designer!! That's it! Don't you hate it when there's something just buried in the back of your brain like that? Andrae talks to Kara about an overlock machine for a moment, then he explains in an interview what the hell he is talking about. Apparently, you need an overlock machine to sew stretch fabrics -- anything that needs to expand or contract. "Sewing [stretch fabrics] without an overlock machine is like sewing with one hand tied behind your back." Geez, that's serious. And considering that Andrae is always pretty tranquil and understated, it must be even more serious than that.

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