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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice

When their half-hour designing time is finished, Tim enters and, with an uncharacteristically devious smile, tells them that they have to shop for their supplies while still dressed as ice skaters. Nick calls Tim "evil."

Shopping madness! God, I love to watch them shop. Zulema explains that she wants to create an "ice princess." "It's about this woman that goes from being ugly to this like beautiful swan." I don't know about you, but I'd take being an ugly human over being a bird any day. I don't care how beautiful a swan I was, I'd still prefer being a person. But that's just me.

Emmett says that he "thought about the midnight sky and the sparkling stars." Then he drops a bomb. He says, "Navy makes a very strong statement." I guess so. It says, "I'm boring." Or, "I'd like this job here at the bank." He adds that silver complements navy nicely, which may be true -- but there's nothing strong about the statement.

After shopping for fabric, they stop at Daytona to pick up trims. Daniel V. says in an interview that, versus the fifty dollars he spent on fabric, he spent ninety dollars on trims. Zulema is distressed because she has never worked with this kind of trim (sequins, beads, glitter, et cetera) before. We see Santino getting lots of feathers and plumes. Chloe, in an interview, says that Santino's style is "theatrical" and "ornate," which doesn't look good on everyone. With his choice of trim, I'm wondering if Santino is stuck on the chicken costume idea from earlier.

Back at Parsons, everyone gets to work. They are still in their skating costumes and I'm loving the world. Everyone is discussing how they're using stretch fabrics. Emmett interviews that this challenge is, for him, "a crash work with stretch fabrics." Then, dear God, they play that clip of him again saying how he's a menswear designer. Like the last episode, this makes me eager to see the reunion show, where hopefully Emmett will explain that he didn't begin every conversation with a camera with a tale of his origins as a men's wear designer. In fact, from what we've seen of his personality, he seems like exactly the kind of person who would definitely not repeat the same thing over and over again. He reads as fairly economical in that way. He has, however, unsnapped the crotch of his unitard and has the flap hanging out of the front of his pants. I'm disappointed and disturbed. He shows his design and fabrics to Daniel, who says he can offer no advice because it would be "the blind leading the blind." Then, as he is walking away from Emmett's workspace, he makes a horrified face that only the camera sees, indicating that he thinks Emmett's shit is busted. Now, I wasn't going to say anything earlier, but this kid may have bit more of an attitude than we've seen. Remember when he said, "I wonder what Emmett looks like?" earlier in the apartment? I kind of thought that there was a hint of asshole in the statement. Now, I'm kind of sure. I'm not saying that he's not right to rag on Emmett, but it's still kind of jerky. He continues in an interview, saying that Emmett is "out of his league" and not developed enough as a designer and technician to create a women's wear line. We see Emmett asking Kara a question about the assembly of his garment. She proceeds to explain some stuff about sewing stretch fabrics.

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