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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice

On the ice, a few of the designers struggle, but most seem to be at least stable on skates. Everyone but Tim. Tim can't even really get his skates to move. Emmett comments that both Tim and Kara are having problems. In order to help, Emmett holds hands with Tim and Kara (Daniel V. is on the other side of Kara) and tries to lead them. Sasha demonstrates a shoot-the-duck move where you squat and hold one leg extended in front of you as you skate. Everyone is impressed.

As we see footage of Santino falling down, we hear him say in an interview that he loves ice-skating. More of the interview shows him saying that there is a lot of competition in the workroom, but here it feels like they are all bonding and having a good time. I wouldn't have expected Santino to make that observation. More surprising, I wouldn't have expected Santino to appreciate that bonding. But he does, so who cares what I expect?

Sasha leads a choo-choo on the ice, which she says that she wants arranged from shortest to tallest. This is not a headline maker, but there are a few surprises. For instance, Zulema is taller than Daniel. I wouldn't have guessed. And, Tim is taller than everyone but Emmett and Santino. I don't know why that seems surprising to me. Okay, as their choo-choo is moving along, Daniel is holding onto Nick by the waistband of his pants, as Nick is trying to stay on his feet and keep his pants up at the same time. Santino, at the end of the train, accidentally (or not, I can't tell) pulls Emmett's pants down below his unitard. I don't know what it is about that moment, but I haven't laughed that hard in like a month. It's just fucking funny. They are all having such a good time.

At the end of the lesson, Sasha tells everyone that she is excited to see what they will design. Commercials.

Back at Parsons, Tim tells the designers (who are still wearing their ice-skating costumes) that they have thirty minutes to sketch their designs, and $150 for supplies. They will have that day and the next day to finish their designs. In a discussion of his design idea, Daniel interviews that he doesn't want to put Sasha in anything too heavy, as she is very petite. Andrae says he wants to make her look like a "dark princess." Why? Because he doesn't like "smiley, happy." Also, he likes the idea of pretty yet "menacing." Chloe thinks that this challenge is difficult because of the different concerns that it's necessary to keep in mind while making the design.

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