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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice

Tim tells them to get into the vans they have provided, because they are going on a "field trip." Emmett interviews that he thinks they look like "the lost mariachis." As the van departs Parsons, we see a choppy New York montage, which includes a lone mannequin standing in the middle of a busy street. Holy crap, one of them has escaped. I always felt that something like this could happen. Santino says that he has stopped trying to figure out what the challenge will be or where they are going.

They arrive at Icehouse, an ice skating rink. Nick is instantly thrilled. He interviews that he went "triple crazy" when they arrived at the rink, because he realized that they would be designing ice-skating costumes. We're learning something about Nick. He apparently loves ice-skating. I mean, he's really really excited. As they enter onto the ice, with Tim leading the way, skating champion Sasha Cohen is spinning in the middle of the rink. They are so lucky that they happened upon her just as she was showing how good she was. Sometimes, when everything clicks, TV is magic. For real, though, I can just imagine a producer screaming, "Here they come! Tell the girl to spin! Ah, too late. Make them walk in again."

Nick interviews that when he saw Sasha on the ice, he "was literally speechless." Hmm. In this instance, "literally" and "anything but" mean the same thing. Nick gives us a non-stop commentary of "Wow. Bravo. Woo Hoo!" as he's watching Sasha. Tim introduces Sasha. Nick expresses his embarrassment at being dressed in his "tacky costume" as he is meeting Sasha.

Sasha, who is really adorable, tells the designers that their next challenge is to design a skating dress for her. Nick, he…I think Nick is kind of crying right now. Baby's so happy. Tim asks Sasha what is most important to her in regards to designs she wears on the ice. She says that they need to stretch, there needs to be elastic securing the top and bottom, and they shouldn't be heavy enough to restrict her movement. After the designers kind of inspect the design that she is currently wearing, she tells them to put on their skates. She us going to give them a skating lesson. Shit, this thing keeps getting better and better.

Zulema says in an interview that she has only skated once before in her life. She looks so crazy right now with that eye make-up on. Guess who says the following: "I just died and went to heaven. I was just like, 'Oh, Lorrrrrd.'" Nick is really into ice-skating, it seems.

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