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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice

Nick has this hideous lavender shirt, by which he is clearly appalled. Santino reads a letter from Tim Gunn that is in each of the packages. The first part of the challenge is to wear the outfits in the packages, then meet downstairs in the lobby of the Atlas building. Everyone is screaming.

In the girls' apartment, we hear Chloe say, "This is not my color." Then, in an interview, she says that she thinks the challenge so far is a blast and "I don't know what it is, but, um, I have no problem dressing like a fool." Then, she laughs. I really like Chloe.

Okay, this next part is kind of hard to describe, because, like, every second, something really funny is happening. Nick says his shirt looks like a ballroom dancing costume. Santino discovers that his shirt is actually a unitard. He interviews that he wasn't sure if his outfit was a waiter's uniform or a dance costume. We see Nick snapping shut the bottom of his unitard over the second pair of colorfully trimmed panties we've seen him wearing this season. Boy likes his drawers with flair.

Chloe and Kara dance together in their costumes. Nick is very unhappy with the unitard aspect of his costume. This has turned them all into children, and it's great. Daniel V. emerges from his perpetual silence to say, "I wonder what Emmett's going to look like." Everyone laughs, I'm assuming, because Emmett's so reserved.

In the lobby, the boys are fully dressed, and it's so funny. They are all giddy and laughing. It's the most fun I've ever seen them have. Andrae has this huge lime green shirt on, and Santino has a white shirt with, like, a Russian furry hat topping off his ensemble. They are all wearing black slacks in what appears to be a poly-blend. When Emmett joins the guys downstairs, Nick loses it. Emmett's top is skin-tight and hot pink. He's topped off his look with his white fedora. Even Emmett is laughing. Nick says in an interview, "Oh, my goodness, Emmett -- he was wearing a neon pink blouson top, without the v-neck. With a mock turtleneck. It was like International Male gone g-g-g-g-gay." Everyone hugs and laughs at one another.

The designers go outside to meet Tim Gunn. We see Zulema, who has complemented her pink suit with some dramatic gold eye shadow. Tim laughs at them and lies, "You look great!" He also remarks that Santino looks like Dr. Zhivago. To Emmett, he says, "Emmett, they made me do it." Emmett just shakes his head, as everyone continues laughing at him. Seriously, these guys are laughing so hard. It's really contagious.

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