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On Thin Ice

At the boys' apartment, they are all trying to figure out what the challenge might be. I don't know why they're bothering, because they have been given absolutely no information. Nick wonders if they might be designing some sort of marketing costume for "those people that hand out things." Santino says that he would love to create a chicken suit.

In the girls' place, Zulema says that she thinks they will be designing for an airline. Kara just interviews that she doesn't know what the challenge will be. Thank you. Kara does this thing that I only notice in her interviews -- when she talks she kind of flairs her lips. It gives her the resemblance of someone who just had collagen injections, a la Goldie Hawn in First Wives' Club. Just throwing that out there.

The next morning, we see a man in a postal service uniform delivering packages. He rings the doorbell of the boys' apartment. Andrae answers the door and we see that it's Robert Plotkin from the first season of Project Runway. Um, I'm a little worried about Robert in this setting. They might not let him out of there until he performs the striptease that his uniform suggests will occur. Then, here comes Santino, shirtless, and wrapped in a towel. I think I own this video. My concern was unnecessary, as everything goes smoothly. Robert introduces himself, then leaves to deliver packages to the rest of the contestants.

Next, he's ringing another doorbell. The footage of Emmett and Chloe answering their doors are spliced together. Chloe answers the door and immediately starts laughing. Zulema interviews that she was surprised to see Robert, but she "went with it." She introduces herself and Robert tells her that her name is beautiful. To Emmett, Robert says, "You don't recognize me, do you?" Emmett seems mildly panicked, because -- past the age of, like, I don't know, 20 -- "You don't recognize me, do you?" are words that can have incredibly mortifying connotations. Then, he says, "Oh, yes, Mario." Robert laughs and says, "No, Jay." Emmett doesn't flinch. He responds, "Jay. How are you?" Robert enters the apartment and says, "I'm actually Rob, by the way." Emmett responds, "Rob! Sorry." It's awesome.

People start opening their packages and are surprised by the contents. "Hysterical," says Kara. She interviews that inside the box was a suit made of "cheap velour fabric, bright colors…I had no idea what it was." It's this green and blue body suit. It's disgusting.

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