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On Thin Ice

Sasha says to Santino that she likes the ruching on the bodice (which you can hardly see for all the freaking feathers). Santino tells them that he was trying to be conceptual. Anne likes the bodice. She even likes the feathers. She says that the back looks like "Carmen Miranda on acid." This gets a big laugh from Kara, which is pretty poor form, especially since she was all sad sack when they were criticizing her just moments ago. ["Plus, don't encourage Anne. Hate!" -- Sars] Santino replies, saying that he took some "risks" and is happy with the result. Heidi says that it is "beyond not flattering." Michael Kors thinks that it looks like a turkey costume. See! He never got the chicken costume idea out of his head! Michael continues, acknowledging that Santino has a lot of ideas, but questioning whether he ever thinks about "the woman involved or the project at hand." The designers leave the runway.

The judges confer. They all mention Chloe's design as a highlight. Sasha doesn't think Kara's design was special. She likes Zulema's design. She thinks it's elegant. Emmett's lacks creativity -- they all agree. Anne adds that the design was "dowdy, it looked very vulgar." Hmm? Michael points out that it's hard to be vulgar and dowdy. I'd wager to say it's impossible. Sasha says that Santino's design would never work on an ice skating rink because of the "storage backpack" attached to it. Heidi says she is ready to say "auf wiedersehen" to Santino. Michael says that Santino never listens. Anne says he is "all expression, no editing." That's a pretty good assessment. Better, at least, than the "tooties are vulgar" line.

The designers return to the runway. Kara is "in." Sasha tells Zulema that she has chosen her design. Zulema thanks everyone and leaves the stage. She interviews that she is glad she won, but she needs to keep her eyes on the "final three." She is so full of shit sometimes. Chloe is "in."

Heidi tells Santino that he was over the top, "yet again." She tells Emmett that his design was boring and "stale." Santino is "in." As he walks backstage, he turns back and says, "Emmett, I'm sorry." I don't know if that was earnest, but if it was, it was a nice thing to say. Emmett gets his "auf wiedersehen" and walks backstage. But before he goes, he turns back and says, "Was it the shirt?" Fucking bravo, good sport! All of the judges laugh. He hugs everyone backstage and wishes them all "good luck."

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