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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice

Nick's design is next. It's a lovely white number with lots of sparklies. There is bunching over the bust and the shoulders are asymmetrical. There are several panels of different fabrics in the skirt. It's a little boring. The back is the most interesting part, with panels of lace mixed with fabric panels. Nick interviews that he feels good about his design.

Here is Chloe's design. It's nice. It's a blue multi-tiered dress. It's shaped like a column, without the bodice/skirt separation. The bodice comes to an inverted v-shape at the neck and is attached to flesh-covered lace that covers the rest of the bodice and the back. Grace, her model, looks lovely.

That's the last one. The judges tabulate. Santino looks nervous. Heidi calls everyone onstage. Then she calls Nick, Daniel, and Andrae; they are all safe and can leave the runway.

The models of the remaining designers return to the stage. Sasha tells Chloe that the color she chose is pretty. As well, she notes the unique shape of the design (without the bodice/skirt separation). She thinks it is interesting, but she isn't sure if it would work for her "straight" figure. Chloe replies that she considered that, so there are different-shaped layers in the tiers, creating the illusion of a shape. Michael commends her for making something feminine, different, and colorful.

Anne asks Kara about her concept. She says it's "1920s. All That Jazz." Hmm, also originally sung by one Chita Rivera. I'm starting to like this. Anne thinks that the fringe would be unflattering to an ice-skater's thighs. Michael thinks that it's "Las Vegas." He recognizes the Bob Fosse influence, but he doesn't think it would be right for Sasha.

Sasha tells Emmett that she's not "too keen" on the shortness of the skirt. Anne is really bothered by the skirt. With not a smile in sight of the runway, she says, "There's entirely too much tootie being exposed." She thinks it's vulgar. Hello, judges?! Hello, designers?! Models? Anyone? She just said "tootie"! That's so fucking funny. Why won't anyone laugh? Emmett says that there was less tootie showing on the dress form that he used. His model, apparently, just has an extra-large, protruding tootie. Oh my God, I'm dying. "Tootie" is my favorite word ever. Poor Emmett. He seems really disturbed that his design is considered vulgar. Heidi thinks it's boring. Michael says it's like an "old lady ice-skater." Tootie!

Sasha likes Zulema's design. She thinks that the color is nice. Michael thinks it is "sexy without being vulgar."

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