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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice

It's Daniel's garment first. My first thought is that it's going to be hard to imagine these on actual ice skaters. They are usually shorter than runway models. Daniel's is a pretty burgundy suit, with asymmetrical beading all over the bodice. It has a halter-styled top and a short skirt that extends to a v-shape in the front and back. The fabric seems too satin-y. I don't imagine that it could sustain the movement involved in figure skating. And if she had a partner? It's just too delicate a fabric. It looks more like a swimsuit. Daniel interviews that his model, Rebecca, looked beautiful coming down the runway. She does have some killer gams.

Next up is Zulema's design. Her model, Rachael, does a balletic sort of stretch behind the screen before she comes out. It's a pretty garment. It's white, with lace exposing much of her bodice. Sequins cover the important parts of the bust, leaving exposed the entire décolletage and a diamond-shaped section of her belly. I would assume that, in performance, this design would be lined with flesh-colored fabric. The skirt is high on the thighs and falls lower in the front and back. The back is almost completely bare (save the lace covering it). Zulema likes that Rachael looks naked. She seems happy with the design.

Next we have Eden, wearing Kara's design. She does a little one arm over her head pose behind the screen. It looks like she's sniffing her armpit. It's a one-shouldered design, in black. The sleeve on the side with the strap goes all the way to the model's wrist. From the shoulder, the sleeve is translucent lace. There are black sequins all over the design. The skirt is completely fringed. I'm not liking it very much; however, it does remind me of Chita Rivera in Pippin. That's a good thing. Kara thinks it looks great and has "razzle-dazzle."

Here is Emmett's design. It looks like a leotard. It's navy, with sparkly stripes all along it. At the neck and over most of the back, he has black lace with more of the silver sparkly stripes. They remind me of Chekhov. That is definitely not a good thing, unless you're mounting Uncle Vanya on Ice, which is actually an even worse thing. The skirt is almost nonexistent. It's like a suggestion of a skirt, a sign to "Place Skirt Here." Emmett likes it.

Andrae's design follows. Danyelle does this weird toy soldier in The Nutcracker pose before entering. She is wearing a black mask over her eyes. The design is one-shouldered and black. There is asymmetrical pleating and shredding all over. There's a black plume of some sort on the shoulder. The skirt is different layers. The main interest of the skirt is on the opposite hip from the shoulder with the strap, giving a nice proportion to the design. Andrea says that he feels that he has done something "clever."

Here's Santino's design. This has got to be a joke. For real. It's so heavy that it looks like Heather is wearing an empathy belly. There are strips of feather criss-crossing her chest. The skirt is made of shredded red fabric. There so much shit on the back -- it's a bustle. She's a bustled ice-skater. It almost looks like somebody placed a magnificent "Kick Me" sign on her backside. Santino notes that it's a great concept that would've been improved with more time to work on it. Jesus, if he'd had any more time, she'd be a Fraggle.

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