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On Thin Ice

Here's a moment that's a little confusing for me. As Chloe is grooming herself, she says to no one that we see, "You must do it naturally. Can I have the Tresemme hair spray?" I'm assuming that she is joking about product placement on the show, but it's so out of nowhere. Like, no one was talking about hairspray, or doing anything naturally. I'm not going to lose sleep over it or anything, it's just…no, I may lose a little sleep.

In the boys' apartment, Santino is play-acting. "You will ask me nothing!" he screams. He should totally play King Lear when he's like seventy. I'm assuming he's mocking the judges of the runway show. Andrae tells him that he's "become the designer that it's fun to fuck with." Santino responds that, when he is on the runway, his adrenaline starts pumping and makes him feel like he's "ready to get into a fistfight." Another parallel of fashion with death. Heavy. He goes further and says, "I can talk my way out of a situation or I can eat them. And, if it comes down to having to eat somebody, I'll eat somebody." Jesus H, Santino! This isn't The Lord of the Flies.

At Parsons, they all get to work. Chloe thinks that her design looks "Christmassy." Finally, Tim comes in and tells everyone that they have one hour for hair, makeup, and fittings.

When the models enter, it appears that the designers are having to spend a little more time than usual explaining their designs to the models. Zulema's garment looks pretty good. She interviews that she is happy with her design because she has never worked with "sequin" before. Why does that annoy me so damn much?

Finally, Tim enters to tell everyone that they will have one hour for hair, makeup, and fittings. The designers continue explaining their designs to their models. As Santino is fitting his model, Heather, she remarks that the design is giving her a wedgie. "Why did you give us a wedgie?" Funny. He is still building the thing, even after she is wearing it. "It's like fire," he justifies. Heather remarks that there is a lot going on with the garment, but he won't listen. In fact, in his interview, he says, "Pretend to like it." But he knows he's going to have to defend it. And here's his chance: Tim Gunn summons them all to the runway.

Heidi greets the "eight little ice-skaters" on the runway. She introduces the judges -- Michael Kors, Anne Slowey, and Sasha Cohen. Heidi mentions that Sasha has agreed to wear the winning design in an upcoming competition. The show begins.

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