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On Thin Ice

Then Kara gets on the overlock machine. She breaks the needle. And Andrae is right there. "This is so, like, inordinately dreadful!" Now, there are your faux British accents, and then there's your faking a British accent. Andrae has imagined himself into a production of 'Tis Pity She's A Whore. The appearance of Dame Judi Dench can't be far away. Kara tells everyone that she was doing anything "out of the ordinary," but everyone seems kind of pissed at her. Zulema interviews that everyone's designs are "teetering on those machines." She kind of passively-aggressively sighs near Kara and says, "I'm so grief-stricken right now." Chloe thinks that it's the machines, rather than human error. Andrae shrieks, "No! It's not the machine's fault! The person who touches it is the variable." Okay, practical little chestnut at the end, but it's surrounded by such gnashing of teeth. He's a handful, this guy.

With a broken overlock, the designers are going to have to sew a lot of stuff by hand. Zulema comments that there may be broken seams on the runway the next day. Santino's advice is for people to "glue it." I hope that he's kidding.

Andrae hates his garment, which he calls "bad Valley of the Dolls." It's a little campy, for sure. Emmett tells Chloe that he is going to hand-tack the skirt of his design and "call it a day." Chloe responds, "Not like that. That's ugly."

With one hour remaining in the workday, we see an interview with Nick where he says that he is interested to see what Santino is going to do, because his design currently "looks crazy." Then we see Santino and Nick in the sewing room. "I don't know what the fuck this is going to be," says Santino. This gets a laugh from Nick. An even bigger laugh, perhaps a guffaw, is gotten when Santino expands his repertoire of impersonations to include Michael Kors. "She looks like, like a baboon's ass exploded on her backside!" Holy shit, that's funny. "Okay, Michael, what else," he answers himself. Nick interviews that he has told Santino that he needs to be able to defend his design on the runway, because it appears as if Santino has once again forgotten to consider the client in his design.

That night, at the apartment, Daniel remarks that they are only halfway through the competition. If they all (Andrae, Daniel, Nick, and Santino) make it through this challenge, he thinks they will all be "in pretty good shape." Interesting theory, I guess. Santino replies, as he is sprawled on a bed with Andrae, "Or do you think mine is fucked up?" Crickets. No one answers.

The next morning, we hear an interview with Kara. Apparently, they have all decided to wear their skating outfits (the ones that they wore before) to the runway show. They think it will alleviate some of the seriousness of the runway show. Sure, but imagine getting eliminated while wearing one of those ridiculous get-ups. Talk about adding insult to injury.

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