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On Thin Ice

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On Thin Ice
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Previously: The designers worked, in groups of two, to create a day-to-evening garment for Banana Republic. Zulema cracked the whip on her weepy teammate Kara. Andrae and Daniel were the winning team, while Diana and Marla crashed and burnt and were BOTH eliminated. That leaves eight designers!

We open on Chloe, who is packing her things at the Atlas apartments. Both of her roommates were eliminated, so she has to move in with Kara and Zulema. Wow. I'm starting to realize how quickly the competition is going. Only three women remain. Yeah, I've always been real good-like at math. As she's packing her bag, she says that she would rather have the apartment to herself. Yeah? Well, welcome to New York. We'd all like our own apartment. Granted, the reality TV show in which I star is entirely in my head -- maybe you're allowed to make more demands when it's actually broadcast. I'm going to have a chat with my producer, 'cause you never know unless you ask. Chloe also mutters semi-under-her-breathedly that she'll be fine because she has lived with people before. I'm assuming she's talking about just in her life in general -- considering she was living with other people, uh, yesterday.

Before she enters her new apartment, we see an interview with Chloe where she says that she doesn't think the designers will get more competitive because they already are very competitive. Kara welcomes Chloe to the apartment.

In the boys' apartment, something strange happens. Santino congratulates Andrae and Daniel for winning the last challenge. Unfortunately, there is no window view as he is saying this, so I am unable to tell you whether pigs were flying or not. Andrae interviews that, though he and Mr. V. both have "strong aesthetics," their winning design for Banana Republic was all teamwork.

At Parsons, here comes Heidi. Her maternity-wear has been so gorgeous. It's so elegant and flattering, yet sexy. Heidi tells the designers that they will not hear about their challenge until the following day. I expected Andrae to respond to the news like he was passing a kidney stone, but he remains oddly calm. Heidi continues, saying that the designers will each receive a "little package" that will have "all of the details" about the challenge. Hmm.

Now, it's model time. Since there were two winners and two losers from the previous challenge, there are twice as many models on stage; including Cara -- Marla's gimpy sourpuss of a model. Rebecca and Danyelle are Daniel and Andrae's models, so of course they don't change. Both of those girls are really pretty. It's kind of anticlimactic, because I've been so annoyed with Cara before that I wanted her elimination to be all fire and brimstone. But that would have required Marla winning a challenge, and there was a snowball's chance in fire and brimstone of that happening. So, this is it. Leslie and Cara are going home. Sayonara, girls!

Heidi tells them to get some rest, then she's gone.

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