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On Garde!
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Previously: Ricky's deal with the devil was finalized and Kevin was sent home for making a prom dress that wasn't great, but it wasn't Ricky. Victorya won her second challenge. Christian almost got eliminated because his teenaged client dominated him.

It's rise and shine time at the New Gotham apartments, and everyone is getting ready. Rami asks Christian how he felt about the previous challenge. Christian says, "What? My client? Who almost got me eliminated?" Christian interviews that he had a lot of trouble with his design, but he still doesn't think he should have been in the bottom two. His wasn't that cute, but others were not cute. That's actually probably true.

Ricky says that the prom dress challenge taught him that he still has a lot to learn. Send the Understatement of the Century Committee home, we have a winner.

At Parsons, Heidi comes onstage with the button bag. She brings out the models and they all have super-funky hairstyles. Heidi tells them that they will be creating an avant-garde design inspired by the hairstyle of their models. Kit looks disturbed by the mention of avant-garde, but maybe she just remembered that she left the coffee pot on at the apartment. Wow, this could be a really cool challenge. It's asking them to really create something new. Granted, designers could just choose the hair that's closest to their style, but I like thinking of the possibilities. Heidi says that this is an opportunity for the designers to push themselves to create something conceptual and artistic. Agreed, Heidi.

Since the models weren't used in the last challenge, two of them will be eliminated in this choosing. As someone has mentioned on the forum, the whole bit about this being a competition for the models as well as the designers is kind of a load of crap. When you are not even appearing in half of the challenges, there's not much that you can do to insure your spot.

Since Victorya won the last challenge, she gets to choose models first. She stays with Jacqueline, who has this weird manufactured mohawk/banana clip look. Kit is chosen next and she stays with Marie, who has this old-style look-- smooth on top, super full and curly at the ends. Sweet P disses Katie, her old model, for Lea who has a giant mane of kinky, curly hair. She interviews that she felt bad, but Katie's hair was very flat and greasy. I totally agree with her. Plus, everyone wants a piece of Lea. I like seeing that trend continued. Jillian stays with Lauren, who has a sort of pulled back Brigitte Bardot look. Chris stays with Marcia, who has a giant bun of a braid. It looks like a hair pastry. It's much less disgusting than I described it; pretty, even. Marcia picks Sam, who has a flat wave on her crown, then her hair is frizzed and everywhere. These hairdos are certainly inspiring. Remind me to have Rhonda and Frances groomed. Christian picks Lisa, who has really straight bangs and curly, full ends. Christian interviews that she is "so high fashion." I'm starting to love that little twerp. I can't help myself. Ricky is last to choose and he picks Amanda, who has a humongo actual Brigitte Bardot do going on. That means that Katie and Aviva are going home. Bye girls. At least you get to wash that crap out of your hair now. Sweet P seems sad to see Katie go.

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