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Previously: The designers had to make-over average women. Ven acted as though he'd been asked to give pedicures at a leper colony (no offense to the leper community -- he really did act like that). Gunnar showed himself to have a really generous spirit as he showed his client the time of her life. Ultimately, Fabio won the challenge while Nathan, sadly was dismissed. Nathan was so nice.

So, I've been thinking about the last challenge a lot and while I'm solid on the fact that Ven was a grade-A jackhole, I do think there was something a little fishy about the "random" assignment of the clients to the designers. For instance, there's maybe no one on the universe who is a more appropriate client for Fabio than Ko-Rely was. And, the fact that Alicia was assigned the only girl who was like "PINK!!!"? I don't know. Doesn't seem very random to me. That said, there wasn't even anything that extraordinary about Terri, Ven's client. It's like, yeah, she's bigger -- MAKE THE DRESS BIGGER. Proportionally, contrary to his monotonous bitching, she wasn't that bizarre. Also, I realize that I mixed up Terri's and her friend Theo's names SEVERAL times in the last recap. Apparently, two short-ish, kind of androgynous names starting with the letter T are just too much for my feeble mind to keep straight. Sorry for the confusion.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Fabio is futzing with his white kicks. Gunnar is applying mascara. Dmitry is steaming a t-shirt that he is already wearing with a technique that I'm certain he learned on the Eastern European ballroom circuit. Dmitry's hard to read, no? I think I find myself liking him a little more all of the time for that fact. Fabio says, as he's readying some Visine for his lamps, that he's glad the three roomies (he, Dmitry and Gunnar) were in the top three for the last challenge. Dmitry says drily that they will have to put a star on their door.

Christopher tells Ven that it feels so weird being the only two guys left in their apartment, due to Nathan's departure. He interviews that Nathan leaving really upset him but he's there for a reason and hopefully he'll be in an apartment by himself in a few weeks. He punctuates this with a Cher teeth-licking hair toss. Nice. So, I guess it's take-backsies with how I felt about Christopher earlier. I do think he was a little disrespectful to Andrea on the runway, but he's clearly the unicorn of this season. He's got all the charm.

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