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Previously: The designers had to create a look for Nina. God chose a scowl and Bryce chose a cowl. Nina scowls at cowls. Bert and Viktor had a really hard time working together on a previous challenge. Viktor says that Bert is very stubborn. Kimberly won the challenge! Cecilia and Julie ended up in the bottom and Julie was sent home.

It's morning in New York City. At the Atlas Building, the designers are still tucked away in their beds. We see that people have broken into their apartments during the night and placed little piles of clothing about with name placards on top. First of all, I hadn't really considered that part of the program. People just coming in and out of your living space as they please. No privacy is one thing. Having strangers walk around while you're trying to sleep? I mean, I'm borderline narcoleptic and probably wouldn't have much of a zzzzz. See, I did it just there. But I can imagine other people feeling a little vulnerable and uncomfortable. B of all, no wonder they're tired. It's probably never quiet and they have to sleep with one eye open lest Chet the sound guy gets a little handsy.

Bert is the first up and making coffee. Anthony sees the piles of clothing from his bed and asks Bert what they are. He doesn't see them. They're right in front of them. Well, he sees the piles of clothing but not the name placards. Damn. Anthony's all "one, two, three, four" piles of clothing, fucking Bert! These guys don't know how to communicate with each other. There are running clothes and shoes, so Anthony deduces that this will be an athletic wear challenge.

Becky tries to rouse Cecilia with thrill of new workout clothes but she's not having it. Bryce is not excited when he sees the clothes. Becky reads to Cecilia a note that was left for them. It's from Heidi. They have to wear their new clothes and meet her and Tim and some track center up in Washington Heights. Laura doesn't like her blue shorts. Anya takes them instead which makes me love her even more than I already did. I'd have been all over those blue shorts. Workout clothes should not be austere. They should be in colors that elevate your mood enough that you don't try jumping out a window because working out sucks so much. Unless you're one of those people who just loves to work out, in which case, wear burlap, I don't care. You stink.

Cecilia is still in bed. She interviews that she was angry when she woke up. She feels that the judges should have sent her home instead of Julie, because she doesn't want to be there. Cecilia says that she's not wearing the new clothes and poor Becky is super fucking confused.

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