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Mondo says that he wanted to make something simple and fun. Everyone loves it, though Isaac isn't wild about the back and Catherine finds the hair (dreadlocks) distracting. Angela says that she likes the neckline of Mila's dress but is really disturbed by the asymmetrical bottom.

The judges confer. Isaac is sold by Mondo's dress, except for the back. Georgina thinks that Mondo really thought about being restrained for this challenge. Catherine brings up again that she was not crazy for the hair. Angela says that Kenley's dress is modern and fun. Georgina thinks that Kenley's look wasn't quite complete. Isaac thinks that Michael's eye was off this week. Georgina liked it, but Catherine reminds her that it was a beauty pageant dress. Georgina puts Austin in the bottom, though she says that she loves him. She felt that she could feel his suffering in the workroom based on his gown. They felt like Mila forced her aesthetic on the challenge. Too many ideas in Jerell's look. Isaac felt it was a mess, what with its construction problems and scattered focus.

The designers return to the stage. Michael is safe. Hmm. He was in the top? OK, whatever. The winner is between Mondo and Kenley's Mondo. Kenley is in and Angela reminds her about what Isaac said about stretching herself. Austin is in. It's down to Mila and Jerell. Jerell is... safe. That means that Mila's out! I just didn't really expect this right now. Angela wishes Mila luck and she leaves. She interviews that she's proud of what she has done and has evolved. She gets hugs from everyone backstage. She says that she wants to show a Fall 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week. Goodbye, Lady Mila Killjoy!

Jeff Long loves that Austin and Isaac bonded over a quip about Greek mythology. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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