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Kenley's dress is next and, yes, it is still a '50s cinched waist, boob hugging silhouette. But, BUT, it is very short. And, AND, there is an asymmetrical triangular panel of ruffled pink fabric amongst the polka dotted fabric. Also, it has long sleeves and a high neck and the shoulders are only kind of puffy. I say this is progress. And, the dress is just fucking cute. You can't take that away.

Here's Austin's dress. It's pretty bland for what we usually expect from Austin. Except that it's also not really a great color either. It's this bright blue, which would be pretty except that the construction is not great. It's just sort of hangs on the model. He says that the dress is not up to his standards of perfection but that his model does look beautiful. Like a breath of sea air. That's kind of true. She does look like that.

Here's Mondo's dress. It's a very sleek dress from the front. All black with long sleeves. The back is cut out with a racing stripe of mitered strips of fabric like the Jamaican flag. He's very happy with it. It reminds me of that dress that Hillary Swank wore to the Oscars the second time she won (I still can't believe that I can write that and it's true) with the high front and the naked back.

Here's Mila's gown. It's half a black dress with short sleeves and a short skirt. Half of it is a long flowing red dress with a big open sleeve. She thinks it's super cool and modern and, to be fair, it's actually made pretty well from what I can see. With the drastic changes in length, there could be pulling and weirdness happening and it looks to move pretty well.

And, here's Michael's gown. It's essentially a barely draped white gown with a naked back and a strap made of silver and blue ornamental jazz. He wishes he'd had more time to fix it.

Afterwards, they all stay on stage. Kenley says that she gave her dress a Spanish flair. Catherine likes that she didn't go overboard. Isaac loves the feeling of it, but tells her that she needs to try to do something different. Angela says that she likes the white stripe down the arm of Jerell's look, but Isaac points out that it's sewn poorly. Georgina thinks that there are too many ideas present. Georgina and Catherine feel that Michael's dress looks like it belongs in a pageant. Catherine thinks that there's too much volume present in the draping. It makes it too heavy. Angela hates the blue bow at the shoulder. Georgina finds Austin's dress to be pretty, but she feels that he deviated from the actual colors in the flag. Isaac thinks that the ruching in the bodice looks tortured and Austin admits that time management might be his Achilles' heel (though he apologizes for referencing Michael's country, which Isaac appears to find hilarious). Fine, but that doesn't answer Georgina's questions about his color story. Isaac says that it's not a bad dress though and Angela goes as far as to say that it's not even the worst dress she has seen on this season of the show.

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