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Joanna says that she would have known that Kenley's print belonged to her from across the room. She says that she was inspired by Chilean ruffles, but Joanna thinks it looks like all of the rest of her stuff. Kenley says that she is retaining herself, but she is adding an asymmetrical element that makes the dress unique. Mila interviews that Kenley uses the same basic 50's dress foundation for every challenge. She doesn't understand why it's acceptable. Joanna asks her if she thinks that she can stand out amongst the other talent. As if she would ever say no. Mondo interviews that Kenley never listens to anyone and he doesn't understand why she's still there. OK, I get that it's scarier to take a risk and she really doesn't do that, but she just hasn't made anything close to bad on this season yet. And, that coat from last week? I thought it was pretty freaking innovative for her. Joanna leaves and they all get back to work.

The models come in for their fittings. Austin seems happy with the fitting, as does Mila. Mondo takes a look at Michael's dress and tells him that it looks like something Miss Greece would wear -- a slam for looking like a pageant dress. Someone says "Greece Lightning!" and Mondo says "More like Greece Frightening." It's like Bruce Vilanch is on set with him. Kenley finishes the day without finishing her dress, which worries her.

The next day, Mila feels good. Jerell wishes he'd purchased some elastic but he feels good otherwise. Of course it's elastic that's missing. Mondo is finally worried that the judges will be bothered by his tiny use of the Jamaican flag's colors. They all have fun riffing on the "She Sells Seashells..." tongue-twister by matching it with Seychelles. That is fun. The models return and everybody has something to say about everyone else's looks. Michael thinks that Austin's is a mess. To be fair, Austin agrees in his own interview. He made his dress too short but there's nothing that he can do at this point. Michael thinks the back of his gown is great, but Mondo interviews that all his look needs is a crown to make it ready for the Miss World competition.

Michael tells hot make-up daddy that he wants his girl to have a feta eye, hummus lips and pita glow. Get it? Austin says that he loves Jerell but finds his look vulgar, tasteless and hideous. What's a few damning adjectives between friends. Mila thinks that her own gown looks very expensive.

On the runway, Angela greets the designers and introduces Georgina, Isaac and guest judge Catherine Malandrino. She has a lovely smile. Kenley reminds us that Catherine designed an entire collection inspired by the American flag. Hmm. The show begins with Jerell's look. It's essentially a black dress (I write "essentially" because there are so many THINGS on this dress, I'd be here all day describing them). Anyway, it's a black dress with a sheer top above the bust line. There's a white stripe down one arm. On the other side of the dress, it appears that he has taken some green chiffon and just tucked it into a bunch of places on his dress. It's just typical Jerell wrong. I'm sure he has an audience out there. I just can't for the life of me figure out who that might be. It is, naturally, exactly what he wanted.

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