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Here's Joanna. Now, I usually really enjoy her clothing, but she is wearing something that is a huge miss. First, this blouse that's a cute cut but the ugliest ink blot mess of a print. Paired with this blouse are some high-waisted yellow slacks that look like old man pants on her. Boo. She tells them that they are the most talented room in the history of

Project Runway. Ostensibly, she should be able to say that every week of this season, yes?

She starts her consultation with Mondo. She has to ask him what country his flag represents. He's basically doing a black dress with a racer stripe down the back that has the colors of the flag. She likes that it's deceptively simple but wants to know how a lady might wear a bra with this gown, which is going to have pretty large cut-outs on the back. Mondo says that you don't, which gets a frustrated sigh from Joanna. She moves onto Jerell and says that she feels that his look is a national costume. He defends his choice, saying that the ethnic opulence is true to his aesthetic, which is pretty true. Is it good is another question entirely. Michael's gown is also not bra-friendly and really bothers Joanna. She says simply that women like to wear underwear underneath their clothes. Tell that to every young starlet who got out of a car in 2009.

Joanna tells Austin that she has actually been to the Seychelles. Someone has been to the Seychelles. If any readers have, I'd like to see photographs. I really like saying the name. Mondo says that he doesn't know what the draping that Austin is doing has to do with the Seychelles. Joanna's about to nail Austin as well for the lack of bra-friendliness in his design, but he says that his gown is offering only a peek of skin and will ask the question, "Is she or isn't she wearing a bra?" Well, that's all fine and good, but Joanna says that you wouldn't want the bra showing accidentally, especially the back which is usually the least attractive part of a bra.

Mila tells Joanna that her flag, Papua New Guinea's, features a bird-of-paradise, which symbolizes freedom. Her dress is going to have a short side and a long side, the long side symbolizing freedom. OK, I don't know how that will look and I'm immediately taken back to a performance by a single person on Puttin' On The Hits of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney hit "Say Say Say." He dressed each side of his body as one of the singers and would switch back and forth as needed. Obviously it was memorable, much like Cheyenne singing "Stand By Your Man" on Star Search. I looked that link up after writing that sentence. It was an indelible moment for me. Anyway, Austin thinks that Mila's concept is pretty interesting. Also, Joanna is excited that a woman will be able to wear underwear with it.

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