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They take some time on the lawn to work on their sketches. They are given little dossiers about their countries. Mila says that the indigenous folks of Papua New Guinea are very tribal, but she doesn't want to get too far into that. She's just going for "a touch" of it. Austin says that there's a beach feeling to the Seychelles, but not much else. Kenley calls over to him and asks him if he's getting inspired.

At Mood, Michael searches for trim that matches the Greek flag. Austin is unsure of what to do, considering his flag contains a sunburst of color -- not his typical elegant palette. Kenley tells him that several of his fabric choices are really beautiful. Meanwhile, Mila Killjoy interviews that she really can't understand the rampant camaraderie that has infected so many of the designers. She remembers that this is a competition, you see, which means no nice-y. Kenley finds a print with hearts on it. Michael says that he's never heard of a flag with polka dots. Touché.

Back at the runway, Austin puts his flag at the corner of his work table and says that he's claiming it in the name of the Seychelles. Mondo isn't sure about any of the fabrics that he bought. Jerell recommends making a "tube top and a panty." Mila is going to make an asymmetrical dress of black and red with a strip of yellow. Austin says that it's "different" and not every woman would wear it.

All of the designers, except Austin, are having dinner. Kenley says with a completely full mouth of food (she's keeping it 100% tug boat) that if she didn't get Austin out of his zone, he was going to stay in the workroom. Jerell points out that he did, in fact, stay in his zone and in the workroom. Austin is confused. He doesn't think he chose the right flag, because of all of the different primary colors.

Jerell says that India makes him think of embellishments. Kenley drops by his table and says that it's so pretty and "so Jerell." I don't believe that both of those things can exist in the same universe. Michael is already finished draping his dress, which both Mila and Kenley notice without a lot of admiration. He works fast, but I think that this looks a little simple to them. He's aware of their judging eyes. The other designers tell him that it looks like a Marchesa gown to them, which he interviews is his exact aesthetic. Yes, I see that about Michael.

Mondo says that he doesn't want to design a dress that could be possibly used as an actual flag. Well, unless you were in some sort of Cast Away situation. Then, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have a flag dress. Think about it. Fine, you'd be sort of naked when people found you, but that's really the least of your worries and, depending on the amount of time you'd been without human touch, you may just want to have the goodies out there to thank your rescuer. This is my job. Exploring the avenues. Anyway, so Mondo is really trying to turn up the personality this season, am I right? I find it pretty entertaining for the most part, but something seems a little ill-fitting and forced.

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