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Angela is lovely. She welcomes all of them to the UN. She says that the UN has agreed to host Project Runway All-Stars so that they might present their next challenge. If hosting includes not letting them within 25 yards of the front door, how gracious. Jerell says that seeing all of the flags lets him know that this is a place of extreme importance. Angela says that the UN brings countries from around the world to create lasting solutions to world problems. Then, she names some problems and peace is like the fourth problem she names, maybe because they're not always good at that, creating lasting solutions for world peace. I'm thinking about Hotel Rwanda right now. The part of the film with the peacekeepers was super frustrating. There are 193 nations in the UN and their flags are all represented. For this challenge, they will be designing dresses inspired by a flag of one of the world's main regions. The flags chosen from those regions are Chile, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Turkey and the Seychelles. Never heard of that last place. The handy Internet explains to me that the Seychelles is a lovely island country located in the Indian Ocean. They speak Creole, English and French -- which I guess is kind of redundant since isn't Creole a mix of English and French. Anyway, Bonzour. Each country's flag and culture should inspire the design.

Mondo chooses first because he won the last challenge. He chooses Jamaica, because of the colors. He gets to choose the next designer and asks if everyone wants to say the name with him. They do! It's Michael. Everyone is so proud of their little groups this season. I guess that's what you do. Michael, who has already told us that he really wants the Greek flag and is Greek, chooses the Greek flag. He does that little Greek dance a la Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek and many others, I assume. Speaking of Greece -- Santorini. The wine. It's awesome. Jerell jokes that Greece is perfect for Michael because it will inspire simple draping. Michael chooses Mila next, while singing her name. His voice is not half bad, though there's something embarrassing about seeing Mila have her name sung to her. She chooses Papua New Guinea (which I used to always think was two separate countries when I was young -- I think the Olympics in Seoul fixed that, or something) for it's bold use of red and black. Jerell is next and chooses India. Wow, there's a ton of wrong things that he can do with India. Austin is next and chooses the Seychelles, about which he knows very little. He likes to broaden his horizons though. I need to take a moment and say just how cute Austin's little Les Miz work outfit is. If I were there, I'd call him Gavroche. That leaves Kenley, who gets Chile by default. She interviews that she is actually glad that she is chosen last, because this means that if she gets frustrated with the challenge, she will focus that rage on the flag and not herself. That is not a bad point.

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